Garena Free Fire MAX Invisible Nickname Trick March 2022: How to Access?

Garena Free Fire MAX
Garena Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX Invisible Nickname: There are two distinct methods by which a Garena Free Fire MAX player can be identified: via the user ID (UID) and through a nickname. It is usually necessary to have a UID for technical purposes, whereas nicknames are generally visible to everyone.

The trend among Free Fire nicknames has always been to keep them unique and stylish. Today, players use a wide variety of methods and tricks in order to create invisible nicknames, and it is becoming a trend. Using the new trick discussed in this article, users can easily change their Free Fire MAX nicknames to invisible ones.

Free Fire MAX Invisible Nickname: Steps to Follow

The process of creating an invisible nickname can be quite challenging. It is recommended for players to first grasp the overall process before starting to implement it. By following the instructions below, Free Fire MAX users can change their nickname into an invisible one:

Step 1: By clicking this link, you can visit the website.

Step 2: You can enter the characters “U+3164” in a search box at the top of the page.

Use the search box (Image taken from compart.com) to find 'U+3164'
Use the search box (Image taken from compart.com) to find “U+3164”

Step 3: The button will show up as a square box in the middle, just long-press it to copy it. You’ll need to paste it into a notepad (it will become invisible).

Step 4:There is a cylinder-like symbol associated with U+29EF, which you will find in the search box. The notepad must be copied separately for use with that symbol.

You can search for 'U+29EF' in the search box (Image from Compart.com)
You can search for “U+29EF” in the search box (Image from Compart.com)

Step 5: You’ll see a dotted symbol that looks like a ‘G’ when you search for “U+28EF” in your search box again. You can paste the code into notepad by copying it.

Look up 'U+28EF' via the search box (Image courtesy of compart.com)
Look up “U+28EF” via the search box (Image courtesy of compart.com)

Step 6: Having three different characters is a great accomplishment. Only those three characters can be combined in a unique combination of maximum of twelve characters.

Step 7: Once you have copied the combination you made with those three characters, return to your notepad.

Step 8: You can find the profile section when you open the game. A dialog box for changing the user’s name is opened by clicking the pencil icon.

Step 9: Then click on the ‘Confirm’ button after you pasted the combination in the box.

There is already a nickname using the combination you entered. Three different combinations can be made by using the same three characters in different orders. Change the nickname again if it doesn’t work the first time.

How come Free Fire players keep their nicknames hidden

To be able to enter and play in everyone’s custom room without being kicked out, it is recommended to set the Free Fire MAX nickname to invisible. Each custom room card costs 100 diamonds, which is a lot of money. Nevertheless, players want to play in custom rooms because they want to have fun and gain some practice. They can enter another person’s room when they make their nickname invisible.

In addition, they can gain an advantage over their teammates and opponents when keeping a nickname invisible. Keeping a nickname secret allows gamers to stand out from the crowd.

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