GFX Tool Pro for BGMI 2022 Download: Legal or Not?

GFX Tool Pro BGMI 2022 Download: Legal or Not
GFX Tool Pro BGMI 2022 Download: Legal or Not

GFX Tool Pro BGMI: BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. In India, most of the users use low-end devices but after using GFX Tool Pro users can access a stable performance from their devices. In the last few months, GFX Tool Pro users have increased. This tool gives players a lag-free experience. Many of you want to know whether GFX Tool Pro is legal or illegal? Let’s discuss below it below.

Is GFX Tool Pro illegal?

Krafton Inc. has introduced a new anti-cheat engine with its latest update. After BGMIs latest update Krafton banned almost 3 million accounts.

GFX Tools change the algorithm script regarding FPS and graphics settings And Krafton cleared their statement regarding these types of apps that Krafton will not allow third apps in the game. The ‘Terms and Conditions Section of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) mentioned information regarding this.

New device ban initiative (image via krafton discord)
New device ban initiative (image via krafton discord)

In simple words use of any unsanctioned tools, apps, or software (like GFX Tool Pro) that changes the game from its regular setting with help of third-party apps is termed illegal and may lead to an account ban.

How does GFX Tool work?

To change the in-game graphics setting for a low-end device players use GFX(Graphic Effect) tool. This tool helps players optimize their FPS and give a lag-free experience. To do these types of work this app changes the games’ default settings so that it can give a smooth experience. And sadly Krafton (developers of BGMI) consider it as cheating and unfair gameplay.

Is it Safe to Use GFX tools in BGMI?

As above mentioned that the parent game of BGMI cleared that using these types of third-party apps may cause an account ban. So it’s strongly recommended that you should not use GFX Tools in BGMI.

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