6 League of Legends Champions that You Need to Have

League of Legends Champions
League of Legends Champions 

Intro: Every player has their favorite champions they like to play in League of Legends. However, there are a few champions that every player should have in their arsenal. These champions can be used in almost any situation and help you win your games. This blog post will discuss the six League of Legends champions that you need to have. We will also provide tips on using these champions to your advantage. So, whether you are a beginner or experienced player, make sure to read this blog post!

1. Azir: The Emperor of the Sands

The first champion on our list is Azir, the so-called emperor of the sands. His abilities allow him to create a sand army and call down a deadly sandstorm from above, which damages enemies and will enable you to move quickly through your ranks. When playing as Azir, it is best to stay in the back of your troops. It would be best to try to use the sandstorm to get into position for a flanking attack or escape when necessary.

The first champion that you need to have in your arsenal is the emperor of Shurima, Azir. One of the many reasons Azir should be your go-to champion is his long-range and that he is one of the most popular roles in LoL in the mid-lane to fight the hard battles. He can easily harass enemies from a distance with Sand Soldiers. It makes it very difficult for an enemy player to get close to you. In addition, Azir can also be built like a tank or an assassin. It makes him flexible and adapts to the enemy’s playing style. To use Azir effectively, make sure you have good map awareness and watch out for enemies coming from behind with a Sweeping Lens.

2. Setth, the Boss

The second champion that is a must-have in League of Legends is Setth, the boss. A significant aspect of Setth is that he has no mana. It means you can spam all of his abilities, and it will not cost any mana. In addition, when you hit at least level 11, Setth can be built like a tank and an assassin. It makes the champion especially good at pushing towers and 1v1 fights. To use Setth effectively, try to stand behind your minion wave so that you can stun enemies from a safe distance. In addition, do not forget to use Scorching Strike on enemy champions when they are trying to run away because it has a slow effect. It makes him very effective at pushing lanes and forcing enemies out of lanes. In addition, he can spam his powers during the early game to easily harass enemies because his abilities have such a low cooldown. To use Setth effectively, make sure you purchase items with high mobility (i.e., Boots of Swiftness) and know when you can’t push anymore.

3. Kindred

League of Legends Champions

Kindred is a unique champion because she comes from the jungle and can be a jungler or support. However, we think Kindred shines most as a mid-laner. There are a few situations where you don’t want to pick Kindred in your games. Just make sure that no one on your team plays a champion that you can easily harass early match (i.e., Ezreal). You can play this champion in the jungle or the duo lane. When playing Kindred, you should try to use Dance of Arrows on minions to push your lanes. Then, when an enemy comes up to the farm, attack them with your Wolf’s Frenzy ability and then start shooting them using Dance of Arrows again. When you kill that enemy, try to push the wave into the enemy tower.

4. Fiddlesticks

Do not pick this champion in ranked unless you are highly confident with your abilities. Fiddlesticks’ playstyle is very risky to use in ranked game modes. This champion can drain the enemy’s life with his ultimate, which is extremely useful when playing against champions that can heal themselves. However, in ranked games, Fiddlesticks players usually play passively in the lane and just farm. You can play fiddlesticks in two positions. He can either be played as a mid-laner or in the jungle. When sitting in the jungle, Fiddlestick should simply use his Terrify ability when swindling lanes to ensure he can kill the enemy target. Otherwise, if you’re playing him as a mid-laner, try to harass the enemy champion with his Dark Wind ability. Also, if possible, use Crowstorm on minions and then immediately cast Drain to absorb health.

5. Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger

Aurelion Sol is a powerful champion to have. He can slow enemies and burst them down with his Comet of Legend ability. It allows him to do heavy, consistent damage late game. Players should play Aurelion Sol in mid-lane because he has excellent lane-clear capabilities. Also, make sure you utilize your Celestial Expansion to its fullest potential. Aurelion Sol is a unique champion that can control stars. On use, Aurelion can send a star in the line of sight or above and blink to it, dealing damage. His passive lets him gain movement speed for each nearby enemy. If the enemy is a champion, he gets an extra amount. If you catch Aurelion Sol in a fight, cast his Starsurge ability. In case they run away, utilize your Celestial Expansion for extra damage.

6. Teemo

League of Legends Champions

Teemo is an extremely strong lane-champion that can poke down enemies with his Toxic Shot. If you play mid, he can use his Noxious Trap whenever the enemy overextends. Also, with his early burst damage, Teemo can quickly clear minion waves and start snowballing off of that. There are many ways to utilize traps to their full potential with traps. Make sure to use your Blinding Dart ability to completely blind the enemy team so they can’t see anything whenever you are in fights.

If you are playing against a champion trying to turret dive, place some traps behind the minion wave between your turret and yourself. It will make it much harder for the enemy player to escape once they get in range of your turret. Teemo is an extremely strong lane-champion that can poke down enemies with his Toxic Shot. When you hear an enemy stepping on one of your traps, use your Move Quick ability to chase them down. The combination of Teemo’s kit is very deadly and can easily carry games when played correctly.


Now that you know about the six champions that every player should have in their arsenal, it’s time to put them to the test. Try out these champions and see how they work for you. Experiment with different builds and strategies, and see what works best for you. With a bit of practice, you will use these champions to your advantage and win more games!

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