Top 5 Rarest Free Fire Bundles Of Indian Server Of All Time

Rarest Free Fire Bundles
Rarest Free Fire Bundles

Rarest Free Fire Bundles: Free Fire has a wide range of bundles and outfits for both male and female characters. New alternatives are always being introduced by the developers in order to present players with a wider range of options. Several previously released bundles have been reintroduced to the game on the demand of gamers. Bundles are usually accessible through the Elite Pass, Luck Royale or Web events, and the in-game store. Certain outfits, on the other hand, have gotten increasingly famous in Free Fire as time has passed. So, in this article, we’ll list the 5 rarest Free Fire Bundles.

Top 5 Rarest Free Fire Bundles

1. Red Criminal

The Top Criminal bundles were introduced during the 9th season, featuring 4 different criminal bundles. Among four bundles, the Red criminal was the top bundle in the Incubator Royale. So, only a very few players were able to unlock this bundle and later it became one of the most demanded and rarest bundles in Free Fire.

2. Galaxy Dino Bundle

The Dino Bundle Incubator Royale was amongst the first few Luck Royale events of Free Fire. Besides, this Incubator Royale featured six Dino bundles, out of which Galaxy Dino bundle was the top bundle and it cost 7 Evolution stones and 3 Blueprints. Furthermore, this bundle is one of the rarest bundles of current times as developers haven’t yet returned this royale again.

3. Bunny Warrior Bundle

Bunny Warrior is likely to be one of Free Fire’s most distinctive bundles. Besides, this bundle was introduced in a Draw Bunny event, and players got one free chance every day to get it. Only a few lucky players were able to earn this bundle, and due to this, it became the rarest one.

4. Hip Hop Bundle

The Hip Hop bundle is the most popular bundle of Free Fire, and every player wants to earn this bundle. However, this bundle was featured in the second Elite pass along with other rewards. The first few Free Fire Elite pass bundles are yet the rarest ones.

5. Sakura Bundle

The Sakura Bundle, like the Hip-Hop Bundle, was available in Season 1’s early Elite pass. Because it was released with the first season elite pass, only a few people have it, and it has never been reintroduced. In the game, the bundle mask has its own fan base.

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