Aegislash Build Guide in Pokemon Unite, Stats and Many More!

Build Guild in Pokemon Unite! Pokemon

Something new and excited has come in Pokemon Unite! A totally brand new character named Aegislash has come into play. It will be a Melee all-rounder, which ultimately means that it will be strong in attack and defense. Aegislash will be played optimally played like a bottom Lane because of its playstyle. if you want to see a guide, for its tips, tricks, best battle ability, etc. Then be sure to click here!

The In-game cost of Aegislash?

The cost is 10,000 Aeos coins or 5000 Aeos Gems. However, it will be expensive but worth it pokemon for fighting and adding it to your collection. Aegislash has even proven to be the most expensive pokemon that’s available for purchase. Pokemon Unite in-shop i.e Unite Battle Committee will have ready for purchase. Do look for more knowledge about Pokemons stats, abilities, endurance et Cetra.

Evolution and Abilities

Firstly, Its evolution is divided into three parts. First is Honedge, second on lvl.5 is Doublade. Last is Aegislash itself, at lvl.7 that’s is the final evolution level. Secondly, Its difficulty will be Expert and the Tier Rank is S. Lastly, the types of attacks it will do is Physical and the stats are:

  • HP: 7302
  • Defense: 250
  • Special Defense: 174

Build Guide and Tips!

Best Builds are Executioner Build and Critical-Hit Build. Moreover, the better Guild out of them is Executioner Guild. Some tips for it, Is that. It’s weak against Pokemon such as Lucario, Gengar, etc. Aegislash is strong against Slowbro, Eldegoss, Gardevoir, and much more. Even the most recommended lane would be Mid, then top, and then the bottom.

In conclusion, hope you keep using this new Pokemon as you do with others and keep playing POKEMON UNITE!! Check out links that we shared here to look for more detailed information about the New Pokemon.

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