Acend Renews its Valorant Roster for the EMEA VCT 2022

The contracts of Acend's VALORANT squad have been renewed for another year of their win at Valorant Champions

The contracts of Acend EMEA VCT 2022 Valorantย squad have been renewed for another year of their win at Valorant Champions. Except for Zeek, who arrived at the beginning of June after half a year with G2 Esports. Acend welcomed its current squad in March 2021. The team has risen in the European Valorant scene since the 20-year-old started to play under Acend’s banner, reaching the top four at the VCT 2021: EMEA Stage Three Challengers Playoffs, securing a spot at the Master’s event in Berlin.

Acend EMEA VCT 2022 Initial Journey

Their first offline event went off without a hitch. After losing in the quarterfinals versus 100 Thieves, Zeek and his teammates finished in the top eight. Acend, on the other hand, returned to Germany’s capital three months later and conquered the entire world. The squad competed at VALORANT Champions 2021 in December 2021, winning the title by defeating Gambit Esports in the finals.

After a five-map grand finals blockbuster against Gambit, Acend was proclaimed as VCT Champions. Gambit commenced their defensive half with a roar by dominating the pistol round, but it all came to a halt in the first full buy. Gambit started their defensive half with a bang by claiming the initial pistol round. But it all came to a halt in the first full buy when acend pulled out a thrifty. The 13-11 comeback victory was powered by Gambit’s outstanding defense.

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Acend’s Comeback

With an economy-busting 4K with the Sheriff in the second round, BONE COLD sparked a massive momentum swing to kick off Ascent. Acend appeared to be far more capable of the attack on this map, taking advantage of the smaller sites with aggressive pushes and post-plant maneuvers. Gambit, like Breeze, fought to complete the first half with a 7-5 deficit.

Acend on the other side did not permit a second-half comeback this time. Winning the pistol, anti-eco, and even the bonus round to strengthen their leadership and retain control, securing a 13-7 win on Ascent. On Fracture, Gambit answered with a strong start on the attack side. Acend was unable to build any defensive momentum. In an 11-1 attack side display on Fracture, Nats, and Chronicle teamed for an astounding 36 kills and secured the map handily with a 13-3 score.

The series winner will get decided on Split. Acend built a lead on the B side with some superb defensive rounds The margin of victory extended to 7-1. Acend extended their lead with the map’s second pistol round. But Gambit countered with some wonderfully timed aggressive peeks in the first full-buy round. Acend was attempting to halt Gambit’s comeback. Acend won the series 13-8 on Split to put the series to be the Valorant Champions.

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