Is it possible for the Sentinels to win the VCT North America Stage 1 Challengers?

Sentinels, a squad that stunned everyone with their high-octane playstyle and outstanding performance throughout the Valorant Champions Tour. They were Valorant’s most feared squad until their unblemished record was shattered during the Valorant Champions at Berlin.

Sentinels, a squad that wowed everyone with their high-octane playstyle and impressive performance throughout VCT 2021. They were Valorant’s most feared squad until their perfect record was shattered during the Masters in Berlin. “Will the Sentinels regain their influence on the world stage, or will this be the end of their reign?” is the question on everyone’s mind.

Regaining Control of the North American Region

Cloud9 Blue is now the best team in the Na area, having dethroned the sentinels. But still, Sentinels is the only team who has won every single VCT esports tournament in North America, as seen by their track record. They’d lose a match now and then, but they’d immediately pick themselves up and return to the grand finals, where they claim their glory of victory

In both Challengers and Masters competitions, they defeated every team, including Reykjavik, where they slaughtered everyone and triumphed the whole tournament without dropping a single map.  While some praised the Sentinels, others awaited their downfall.

Regaining the Win Streak which Has Come to an End-

Sentinels not only advanced for the last Master’s event. But they were also the only team to qualify for Valorant Champions after winning the VCT NA Challengers Playoffs. Sentinels faced G2 in their group in the event and won the first match. G2, on the other hand, snatched one map from them. Which was enough to fuel a fire that led to G2 winning the rematch.

Despite making the playoffs, the Sentinels were brutally outsmarted by Team Envy and then were knocked out early. Apart from TenZ’s mechanical prowess and ShahZaM’s role as IGL and duelist. Everyone else on the team has the potential to fragging out and drive their team to victory. However, other teams have swept up to them, especially with the recent events in Berlin. It will be interesting to witness how the Sentinels adapt in VCT North America Stage 1 Challengers to regain their lost winning streak.

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