Who Has Strong Chance of Winning VCC 2022 Wildcard Qualifiers?

Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022
Strong Chance of Winning VCC 2022 Wildcard Qualifiers

Who has strong Chance of Winning VCC 2022 Wildcard Qualifiers: The qualifying leg of Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 is almost about to finish and only 2 spots are remaining with 6 contenders for those 2 slots, Can Wildcard qualifiers cause more drama than all the qualifiers. Let’s see who is there, who you guys should look out for, and who two teams have a strong chance to qualify from those 2 slots?

Global Esports-

Strong Chance of Winning VCC 2022 Wildcard Qualifiers
VCC 2022 Wildcard Qualifiers

Being Nodwin’s first Valorant Conquerors Championship winner and going to Lcq Apac to Represent India. The defending champions had a rough time in both the qualifiers. In Q1 After Engima’s strong performance in the finals of Q1 and the added firepower with Excali’s addition to the team Took them to another level. In Q2 God particles became the kryptonite of global esports after a strong match-up in Q1.

God Particles dethroned the kings on their strongest map in the upper bracket semi-finals. after getting punished on the first map global esports gave a deadly performance on the split. Where they beat God P boys with a scoreline of 13-3 after such thrashing we all thought GE is gonna take the series.

Just like what happened in Q1 but faith had something else in mind. Bind was close and trades going back and forth and god particles after back and forth overtimes. God particles won the match with great clutch by sh1vy and won with 17-15.

God Particles-

VCC 2022 Wildcard Qualifiers

After Defeating GE in the semi-finals, God P had matched up against Velocity Gaming they gave a strong performance against velocity but they were taken down by velocity in the best of 5 series with 3-0 and God Particles know their potential so they wanna repay the favor with qualifying in the VCC with those two slots

VCC wildcard qualifiers won’t be comfortable for God particles. As they have to play a few matches with substitute player Whitehorse due to alternate issues of ember and scargod. But still, I know God P boys will win through those brackets and swing to claim their victory.

Not doubting other contenders like salt esports. Crashlanding is you were last time VCC Bangladesh qualifiers and they still to redeem to that title. Union gaming has shown a robust presence in the SL & MD Qualifiers. M1syl & friends had a tough matchup against Exceeli Esports so even they are looking to return the favor to them in Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 Stage 1.

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