FFPL Milestone Rewards: Watch Free Fire Pro League and Get Rewards!

FFPL Milestone Rewards: Watch Free Fire Pro League and Get Rewards!
FFPL Milestone Rewards: Watch Free Fire Pro League and Get Rewards!

FFPL Milestone Rewards: One of the biggest Free Fire championships ended recently with an awesome campaign. Now, it’s time for the Grand  Finals where the top 12 teams will compete with each other. The competition is going to be a little tough because each team is quite stronger than before. Moreover, they will compete for the first position where they get the trophy of Free Fire Pro League 2021 and money.

Along with the FFPL Milestone Rewards, there is one more exciting event run in the game which is connected with a championship. Yes, The Watch to win an event or similar type of event. In these types of events, regular players get a chance to obtain some free rewards in Free Fire. The rewards for FFPL watch win events are Spirit Fox and many more amazing rewards. If you also want to get your hands on these amazing rewards then keep reading the blog.

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FFPL Milestone Rewards and Free Fire Pro League

Everyone is waiting for the Grand Finals which is only one day to go. Yes, the Grand Finale of Free Fire Pro League will take place on 30th January 2022. This is when the finals of the championship will happen and we will get our winner.

Along with the championship, regular players will also get lots of rewards free of cost. Players can watch the match live on Free Fire India Official Esports channel on YouTube. Moreover, the stream is also available on Facebook and other social media platforms, you can check their official esports website for FFPL Milestone Rewards.

For current stats: The top two spot holders are Revenant eSports along with Chemin eSports teams. Moreover, the rest of the spots are:

  1. Nigma Galaxy
  2. Insane Esports
  3. Total Gaming
  4. Team Chaos
  5. KM Brotherhood
  6. Godlike Esports
  7. TSM
  8. Aura Gaming
  9. Assassin’s Army
  10. PVS Gaming

How to Obtain Free FFPL Milestone Rewards? 

Now, let’s come to the main topics of this blog post about free rewards. The name of the event is Milestone Rewards. According to this event, the rewards will be obtainable if the live stream watch reaches a specific point. Moreover, there are three different slots allocated to the viewers.

The first is 300K watching, or you can say the view of the live stream reaches 300K viewers. After reaching this post players can obtain Weapon Royale Voucher 3x. The second checkpoint is 400K views and it will allow you to obtain Spirit Fox – Battle Fox.

Last but not least FFPL Milestone Rewards Watch Free Fire Pro League and Get Rewards!  the 500K view cross allows you to obtain Spirit Fox, Otho character, Wiggle Walk Emote and Flaming Red AK gun skin. If players can cross the 500k mark then they get rewards that are worth thousands of diamonds.

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