Monster Hunter: Rise “A Complete Beginners Guide”

Monster Hunter: Rise
Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter: Rise Beginners Guide. Rise is the opposite branch of Monster Hunter: World. Following in the footsteps of Generations and staying true to the series’ portable roots. Smaller, more limited landscapes rather than broader, more open-world exploration.

Monster Hunter: Rise has a trait that isn’t immediately apparent. It has removed a significant chunk of the tedium that used to accompany video games. For example, you used to have to look up the ‘important tasks’ for each hunter rank online. Whereas now the game tells you. Weapon upgrade trees have been made more obvious. Every major part has its own mini-tutorial or guide mission. It gets rid of everything that was bothering you.

There’s a renewed focus on fast-paced action that strikes an impressive balance between being welcoming for newcomers and satisfying for battle-hardened veterans

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Beginners Guide To Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the more approachable games in the series, yet it can be intimidating for newcomers.

We’ll teach you all you need to know to start your first hunt with confidence in this Monster Hunter Rising beginner’s guide. We’ll go through how to pick the best weapon straight away, break down the many types of missions you can accomplish, and offer a few pointers for newcomers.

Study The Loop

Monster Hunter: Rise features a core gameplay which has been intact through out the decades. The in-mechanics and the tradition game brings has been same from the start. Each games feature a simple and straightforward gameplay:

  1. Choose a single monster to fight
  2. Travel to a large locale where the monster is
  3. Find your target
  4. Fight the creature alone or with a few friends
  5. Craft new armor and gear from your fallen prey
  6. Repeat

You’ll be led across your home base at the start of the game to meet the various citizens in town, who will teach you about each of their functions. You’ll go on your first hunt while you’re at it. Throughout the first expedition, you’ll encounter a slew of pop-up tutorials that cover the fundamentals of the game.

When you return to your settlement, you’ll be instructed how to make new gear out of the pieces you’ve collected from vanquished enemies. It won’t be long until you’re out on your next hunt.

As the game becomes more tough, you’ll repeat the process. As you become more experienced with the game, you’ll start optimizing your gear for hunts and selecting specific gear to defeat increasingly powerful creatures.

Complete The Training Missions

Completing certain missions will help you gain more knowledge about the game and the content of the game. It also helps you to the learnt the in-mechanics and the the whole experience will be completely different once you start using the content you have learnt.

Monster Hunter: Rise
Do the training missions ASAP Image: Capcom via Polygon

While it’s easy to overlook, they’re worthwhile to complete. If their lessons didn’t stick the first time, you can go back and replay them.

Best Weapons To Start Monster Hunter: Rise

Here is a detailed description about the weapons to pick while starting in Monster Hunter: Rise.

Dual blades: make it easy to bash buttons and deal a lot of damage without having to think about it. If all you want to do is push buttons and feel like a live buzzsaw, this pair of knives is for you. Dual blade users have the option of activating an additional attack mode that allows them to cause even more havoc while using up more stamina.

The lance: is one of the most basic weapons in the game, but it is also one of the most powerful. It gives up mobility in exchange for a nearly unbreakable barrier, counterattacking ability, and devastating pokes. This is your weapon if you prefer the idea of holding your position, fending off attacks, and adopting a methodical approach to victory.

The long sword: is an excellent way to get started with flamboyant weaponry. Its basic attacks build up a meters distance, allowing you to perform special attacks. If you use those powers well, you’ll be able to hit even harder. Just be aware that your sweeping strikes have the potential to knock colleagues out.

Monster Hunter: Rise
Monster Hunter: Rise The Long sword


The more further you go in game you learn about more complex and advance weapons. These weapons come with different kinds of addons which will help you to become more versatile.

As you go ahead with different kinds of quests you will make progression through higher ranks, here’s where all the fun starts. When you reach High Ranks you will face the true hardcore action.

When you’ve unlocked High Rank missions, you’ll have new levels of armor and weapons to craft that make everything else you currently have look underpowered by comparison. So until you reach High Rank, don’t worry too much about gear. Craft mismatched outfits. Try new weapons. Experiment until you reach High Rank because that’s when your gear decisions really matter.

If you want to know more about the game and understand the depth gameplay please read Polygon’s Monster Hunter: Rise Guide.

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