BGIS Finals Day 3 Results And Overall Standings: Team XO on Top

Know all the details about BGIS day-3 finals here.

BGIS Finals Day 3 Results And Overall Standings

BGIS Finals Day 3 Results And Overall Standings: The second last day of the Battlegrounds India series brought a lot of entertainment with it. Teams like XO and TSM fought hard to secure the top position.

Team XO cemented their top position on Day-3 and are looking strong to get the title. However, Skylightz Gaming and TSM are not ready to give up and are close on the overall standings.

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BGIS Finals Day 3 Overall Standings And MVP

The third day also didn’t bring much hope for Godlike fans, as they performed decently. However, teams like Skylightz Gaming, TSM, and Team XO made a stronghold on the top 3 positions.

BGIS overall standings
BGIS overall standings: Godl on 4th

Team Xspark finished 12th on Day-3. Moreover, they are now 37 points behind the 8th placed Reckoning Esports.

BGIS day 3 overall standings
BGIS day 3 overall standings: TX finished day-3 on 12th

BGIS Finals Day 3-MVP

Godlike’s Neyoo is leading the chart of the top player with 33 kills. It will be interesting to see, if he continues to do so on Day-4.

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BGIS Finals Day 3 Results And Match Report

Match-1: Team XO With A Strong Start

BGIS Finals Day 3
BGIS Finals Day 3: Team XO with the WWCD

Table-toppers of Day-2 XO started their day on a high note and increased their lead for the trophy. Moreover, 2nd placed TSM also fought back and finished on 2nd.

Team X spark made a decent start and collected some good kills. However, Team Godlike once again failed to find their winning way and were eliminated earlier in the game.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Team XO (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 25 points
  • 2nd: TSM- 19 points

Match-2: Hyderabad Hydras On A Roll

BGIS Finals Day 3
BGIS Finals Day 3: Hydrabad Hydras with their third chicken dinner in BGIS finals

Hyderabad Hydras bagged their first chicken dinner on Day-3 on the map of Miramar; however, it was their third in the finals. The win cemented their top 8 positions in the chart.

Godlike this time made a strong start but failed to execute it as they lost players regularly throughout the game.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Hyderabad Hydras (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 29 points
  • 2nd: 7sea esports- 16 points

Match-3: Shadow Gifts TSM The Victory

BGIS Finals Day 3
BGIS Finals Day 3: Orange Rock with 17 kills

TSM’s IGL Shadow clutched a 1 vs 3 in the end to bag the chicken dinner of the third match. Moreover, the last fight was a 3 vs 4 , TSM taking the man advantage, but it changed soon. XO eliminated three of the players and made it 1 vs 3. However, Shadow clutched it at the end.

The highlight of the match was team Orange Rock as they eliminated 17 players.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: TSM (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 25 points
  • 2nd: Orange Rock- 25 points

Match-4: Skylightz Finally Gets A Chicken Dinner

BGIS Finals Day 3: TSM and XO refusing to give the top 2 spot

Skylightz was the only team in the top 5, without a chicken dinner, but they finally got one on the Sanhok. Furthermore, the team defeated XO and TSM, in the end, to make the title race more exciting.

XO, TSM, and OR maintained their consistency and we’re not ready to give up for the top spot.

  • Map: Sanhok
  • Winner: Skylightz Gaming (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 24 points
  • 2nd: TSM- 18 points

Match-5: Skylightz With Consecutive Win

BGIS Finals Day 3: Skylightz with back to back chicken dinner

Skylightz bagged two back-to-back chicken dinners to knock on the door of the top spot. However, XO finished 2nd and maintained their consistency.

Godlike tried to comeback in the finals as they finished 3rd.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Skylightz Gaming (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 25 points
  • 2nd: Team XO- 18 points

Match-6: Zone Gifts Revenant A Chicken

Revenant gets a WWCD

Revenant Esports grabbed a chicken dinner in the final match of Day-3 and most of the credit goes to the play zone. After the fourth circle suddenly shifted to the southern Island, it created problems for most of the teams.

Table-toppers XO were eliminated early, which gave a little hope to TSM and Skylightz gaming to come back stronger tomorrow and give them a fight.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Revenant (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 28 points
  • 2nd: Enigma Gaming- 19 points

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