Cascade Picking In Valorant To Avoid Insta Lock: Know More Here

Know all the details about Valorant's new system to tackle insta lock in the game.

Cascade Picking In Valorant
Cascade Picking is going to release soon in Valorant to tackle Insta lockers

Cascade Picking In Valorant: Riot’s Valorant is surely listening to its fans and now they have come up with a big response on big issue names insta lock. Insta locking is not a good practice and Valorant players are now annoyed with such players.

Insta locking in Valorant means, locking the agent instantly. This annoys most of the players as players lock agents mostly to go solo and don’t listen to their teammates.

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What is Cascade Picking And How It Will Work In Valorant?

Cascade picking is used in Riot’s other games like League of Legends. Recently, on a stream, Valorant developers sat and announced that the picking will be soon released in the game.

According to famous Valorant Leaker, Mike “the first person gets around 15-20 seconds to pick the first agent, then the next person, and then the next”.

This surely sounds interesting but players are still unsure how it will work in Valorant. Not to forget the game is considered to be filled with toxic players and insta lockers.

Moreover, the picking is best to avoid insta lockers in the game and maintain a healthy game environment. Most of the players think this pick improves team communication and players play as a team.

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When The Update Will Be Released?

The Cascade picking is still in its early stages and is nowhere near to release in Valorant soon. Furthermore, we can expect the new picking system to be released in Act 2 or 3. But as of now, there are no such official announcements made.

This new system might change something in the game as Insta lockers are a huge issue in ranked matches. Most of the insta lockers prefer Dualists agents which are responsible for picking up early kills and getting entry.

shroud valorant neon
Neon is the 19th agent in Valorant

After the release of agent Neon, there are several complaints coming up for the insta lock in Valorant. This is not something new and every time Valorant releases a new agent, all the players want to try them.

So, drop your views on Cascade picking in Valorant and let us know what you think about this system.

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