Resources in Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliff Update

Resources in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that totally relies on resources and items. The more and better resources in Minecraft you have, the higher your chances are for survival. However, these resources are really hard to find. Some are so rare that they can become the cause of your death too.

So, to solve this problem and to make things easy for you. We have done the research and found the best possible ways to find some of these resources easily and efficiently. Moreover, there are some better ways than finding these resources, but we will discuss them some other day.

Resources in Minecraft

There are plenty of resources in Minecraft. This game is entirely built over resources. Some resources are related to building basic things, some related to food and health, etc. However, these all resources require one thing, and that is time. But for that too, you need to have the knowledge of resources first.

There are 2 types of resources in Minecraft:-

1. Basic Resources

These resources are the ones that you require in the beginning and sometimes in your entire gameplay. They have very little importance, however, you can not survive without them. They are the key to every remaining resource in Minecraft. These are:-

  • WoodWood is the first thing that you need in the Minecraft World. It is the only thing with which you can craft something and move forward. Wood is easily available everywhere. However, it can be difficult to find in the desert of Icy Biome.
  • Crops
    Resources in Minecraft

     Once you have your basic tools then you have to do something for your hunger. That is when the crops or the food comes into play. You either have to find or plant some crops so that you eat them later. And not die with hunger.

  • Cobblestone- This is the next step of getting your basic resources. Cobblestone can be used to make stone items.
  • Iron– These helps you to upgrade your armor and items into iron.
  • Coal- Coal is really important in lighting up the area and cooking your food.
  • Livestock- Once you have all your items sorted and food gathered. It is time for some animals. Animals provide food and items that you can use.
  • Wool– It is something that is so basic, yet very important. It is used to make Bed, which is really important in Minecraft. But wait, you all know that.

2. Moderate Resources

Resources in Minecraft
enchantment table

These resources in Minecraft are the next step after you have got the Basic resources. You will need basic resources multiple times. However, these resources require less. Unlike, Basic resources, these resources are really hard to get. Sometimes, they can be found easily if you have the luck. These are:

  • Diamonds- These are the most important thing in Minecraft. At least, that’s what most players think. And that is true to some extent. You can craft armor, weapons, tools, and much more with diamonds.
  • Redstone- Redstone is one of the most underrated resources in Minecraft. They are used to make wonder-full contraptions in Minecraft.
  • Leather-  This is yet another thing that is very important and underrated. Leather is then used to make books and other items. That helps in the higher levels of the game.

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