BGIS Quarterfinals Day 4, Group 4 Results: Soul Out, Overall Standing Here

Know all the details about the BGIS quarter-finals Group here.

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 4, Group 4 Results: The fourth and last Day of Battlegrounds India series quarter-finals was full of excitement. There were some nervous moments and nail bitting finishes.

Big names like Enigma gaming, Team Soul, and Godlike were competing in the group. However, the biggest disappointment came in the form of Team Soul, as they got eliminated from the tournament.

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BGIS Quarterfinals Day 4, Group 4: Teams Playing 

As per the format, a total of 16 teams played six matches on three different maps on Day 4. Furthermore, only the top six teams managed to qualify for the next round, and the rest 10 were eliminated from the competition.

So, before moving to the teams qualified list, let’s have a look at teams that were playing in Group 4.

  • Iron Sight
  • Soul
  • Team Mayavi
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Team Insane Esports
  • FPS Gaming
  • Tactical Esports
  • TKM Ontop
  • Godlike
  • 4 Heroes
  • Invincible Esports
  • R esports
  • RAG3 official
  • Team BE
  • XLions
  • Outliners

Here is the list of teams qualified for the next round.

  • Godlike Esports: 96 points
  • Tactical Esports: 83 points
  • 4 Heroes: 82 points
  • Enigma Gaming: 61 points
  • Team X Lions: 54 points
  • R Esports: 54 points

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 4, Group-4: Match Results And Reports

Match-1: Playzone Gifts Tactical Esports The First Win

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 4, Group-4 results
BGIS Quarterfinals Day 4, Group-4: Tactical esports with the first win

Tactical esports registered their first victory and all thanks to the play zone which was dancing around the islands. Due to the uncertain nature of play zone, most of the teams found it difficult and were hunted down in the water.

In the chaotic situation, Tactical esports won the game. Teams like Godlike and Soul managed to grab some kill points.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Tactical esports- 25 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Team BE- 15 points

Match-2: Team X Lion Stops Godlike 

BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4
BGIS quarterfinals results: Godlike with massive 13 kill points

Godlike made the sandy island go full of blood as they grabbed some good kill numbers on the second map. However, regularly losing teammates throughout the game, stopped them to get the chicken dinner.

Team X Lions grabbed the chicken and continued their consistency along with team Tactical esports. Despite picking up decent kills, Team Soul were eliminated once again earlier in the game.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Godlike- 25 points
  • 2nd: Team XL Lions- 23 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)

Match-3: A Perfect Match To Watch

BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4
BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4: Engima tastes the Chicken, Godl with 9 kills

The second match of Erangle played on Day 4 was probably the most entertaining match of the tournament. Once again, the zone played a crucial role in selecting the winners and Enigma Gaming played their game to grab the WWCD.

Moreover, Team Soul finished in the second position but due to the shortage of kills, they were pushed back down in the overall standings. GodLike once again showed their domination and collected some good kills.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Enigma Gaming- 31 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: 4 Heroes- 21 points

Match-4: FPS Gaming Tastes The Chicken

BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4:
BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4: FPS with a WWCD

The kill feed once again was unstoppable as Godlike and FPS gaming managed to hunt most of the teams all alone. However, team FPS gaming managed to bag that extra 15 points by finishing on top along with collecting good kills.

Once again Soul finished second but were pushed back by Godlike as they had some huge number of kills.

  • Map: Sanhok
  • Winner: FPS Gaming- 31 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Godlike- 21 points

Match-5: 4 Heroes with a Heroic Performance

BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4 Team Soul
BGIS Quarterfinals results Day 4: Team Soul picked up only one point

One of the invited teams 4 Heroes, finally clinched a chicken dinner, and that too with good kills. Moreover, they were collecting some good numbers but this win almost secured the top six position for them.

Team Soul and Godlike were eliminated early. But, Godlike managed to collect 7 kills.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: 4 Heroes- 27 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: R Esports- 15 points

Match-6: Tactical Esports Once Again

As the day started, with a win for Tactical esports, it ended in the same fashion. Moreover, the biggest disappointment came from Team Soul as they only managed to grab 1 point.

Team Soul was eliminated from the competition as R Esports managed a good comeback at the end.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: TKM- 25 points
  • 2nd: R Esports- 22 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)

So, these were all the details and match reports from BGIS day 4 Group 4.

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