5 Cave Base Ideas in Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Update

Cave Base Ideas
Cave Base Ideas

With the release of the Minecraft 1.18 update, Popularly known as the Caves and Cliffs update. A lot has been altered in the Minecraft world. There are so many new things that have been added to the game. However, these new things contain ideas for the new builds too. So, here are 5 Cave Base Ideas in Minecraft.

Well, the recent update of Minecraft 1.18 added caves into the game. However, these caves are not just normal caves. They are filled with infinite space and inspiration for creative ones. Therefore, to share this creativity with everyone and to promote new ideas in the Minecraft community. Here are the 5 Cave Base Ideas that you can try and make your base cool and awesome.

Where can we build Cave Bases?

Well, you would wonder that where you will build these cave base ideas? However, to answer this question first we have to clarify the basic criteria of this. So, a Cave base is basically built in a cave. However, there can be different ways of building one.

You can simply create one on the floor of the cave. OR you can use the Roof of the cave as a hanging base idea. The only thing that is stopping you is your imagination only. Because the concept of Physics only works partially in the Minecraft world. So, without wasting any more time, here are the 5 Cave base Ideas in Minecraft for you.

5. Bunker Cave Base Ideas

Cave Base Ideas
bunker base

The most basic and common one on our list is the Bunker cave base for you. This is the most basic one because when you will play Minecraft for the first time, you will intend to build your base like a bunker inside a cave. That is what most players do. And this is absolutely the first instinct they have.

4. Dungeons Base

The next cave base idea for you is the dungeon base. Well, if you talk about a cave base, then a dungeon is something that might strike your head. However, there are a lot of dungeon ideas that you can create in a cave that you like. Like we mentioned above, the only thing stopping and holding you back is your own imagination.

3. Troll Market

Troll Market
Troll Market

This idea is something new. However, few players have tried it, and believe us that it comes out really well. Yes, we are talking about a Troll Market Cave base idea. If you know something about mythologies and trolls, then you know that they make their houses under the end of bridges. And that they have huge markets based in underground Caves.

So, you can use that idea and you can create something like that in your world. However, this idea is something that will make you exhausted, both physically and mentally. But to get something good, you have to sacrifice your comfort.

2. Batman Cave Base Idea

Cave Base Ideas
Batman Base

How can it be complete, that we are talking about cave bases and we are not adding the most famous Batman Cave base in it? This list is incomplete without the Batman cave base itself. You can use the new Caves update as to create one of his bases in your base too. And you can impress your friends with it.

1. Hanging Cave base idea

The last idea on our list is the hanging base in the Caves and cliffs update. As you know that the Minecraft 1.18 update has changed the cave generation. There is a new cave system now. And due to which you can create hanging bases in the caves as they have become very wide and open now. It is like having another world down there.

So, these were the 5 Cave Base Ideas in Minecraft that you can use. You can create these with your friends and have fun with them. And don’t forget to check out theΒ 5 Cool Minecraft Houses For December: Minecraft Version 1.18


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