Apex Legends Season 12 Stories From Outlands Cinematic Launches Today

Apex Legends Season 12 Stories from Outlands
Apex Legends Stories From Outlands: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Stories From Outlands: With 2022 in full swing, it is probably a good time to get excited about Season 12 of Apex Legends. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to a new season. Everything from a new Agent to a new weapon to new game modes and cosmetics can be exciting. And to create hype about the same, Respawn has decided to launch its stories Stories From Outlands for season 12 today.

The cinematic named ‘Gridiron’ will focus on the Lore of Banglore, who is a veteran legend and has been in the game since season 0. Even though Bangalore is one of the fans’ favorite, her lore hasn’t been explored much yet, so it will be exciting to see what the  Season 12 Apex Legends Stories From Outlands trailer has in store for us. This is also expected to be the longest Stories From Outlands cinematic at around 8 mins, with the previous ones only averaging at about 3-4 mins.

In the past, Stories from Outlands trailers have been followed by thematic in-game events. So it is a strong possibility we might see one around Banglore too, given her significance.

Another interesting to see will be whether the cinematic will feature anything about the next legend. There have already been strong rumors about the next agent being Mad Maggie, so this just adds to the suspense.

To know more about Mad Maggie read: Apex Legends Leaks: The New Agent ‘Mad Maggie’

When does the next Apex Legends Cinematic premier?

Apex Legends has one of the best Lores and universe and if you’re a Titanfall universe like us, you don’t have to wait long. Season 12 Stories from the Outland trailer is scheduled to be released at the following times:

  • 08:00 PST – January 4th
  • 21:30 IST – January 4th
  • 11:00 EST – January 4th
  • 16:00 GMT – January 4th

Where to watch the Apex Legends Stories From Outlands trailer? 

Season 12 Stories from the Outland trailer can be streamed at or after launch times on the link below.

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