BGIS Quarter Finals Day 2 Results: Group 2 Overall Standings Here

Know match results, reports and list of qualified teams from Day 2 of BGIS here.

BGIS Quarter finals Day 2 Results

BGIS Quarter finals Day 2, Group 2 Results: On the second day of the quarterfinals of Battlegrounds Mobile India, teams from Group 2 challenged each other for the semifinals qualification. As per the rules, the top 6 six teams after playing six games on three different maps, will be eligible for the next round.

Alike Day-1, some of the invited teams were eliminated. Big names like Nigma Galaxy and Force One failed to perform up to their expectations and were eliminated. The underdog teams are now showing some serious skills and they are proving, they are here to dominate.

BGIS Quarter finals Day 2: Teams Qualified And Results

A total of 16 teams from Group-2 competed on the second Day of Battlegrounds India Series (BGIS). Furthermore, only six out of them managed to grab the qualification for the semifinals round and the rest 10 were eliminated.

So, let’s have a look at teams that competed on Day 2 of the BGIS quarterfinals.

  • Team XO
  • Reckoning Esports
  • K9 Official
  • Force One
  • Mastizone Gaming
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • 2 Op official
  • 247 Gaming
  • ReadXCross
  • SCythe Kronos
  • UDOG India
  • XTerminator Esports
  • LongVreign
  • Supari Gang
  • Chicken Rusher
  • EZ4 Esports

Here is the list of qualified teams.

  • Reckoning Esports– 100 points
  • Team Chicken Rushers– 62 points
  • 247 Gaming– 61 points
  • Team XO– 61 points
  • UDOG India– 59 points
  • The Supari Gang– 57 points

Invited teams like Force One, and Nigma Galaxy failed to qualify for the next round.

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BGIS Quarterfinals Day 2, Group-2: Match Results And Reports

Match-1: Reckoning Esports with the First Win

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 2 Results
BGIS Quarter finals Day 2: WWCD in the bucket of Reckoning esports

With the help of 11 kills, Reckoning esports won the first game, which was played on Erangle. Moreover, 2OP was not far behind as they finished 2nd with 11 kills and fell 3 points shorter than the winning team.

Despite collecting a high number of kills, Team XO and Mastizone failed to finish higher which resulted in them a low 8 points from the first match.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Reckoning Esports-26 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: 2OP Official- 23 points

Match-2: Back to back Chicken Dinner for Reckoning Esports

Second WWCD for Reckoning with 11 kills

Reckoning Esports won the second game too, played on the sandy island of Miramar. Furthermore, teams like Big Brother (EZ4) and Chicken Rushers gave a good performance but failed to come on top.

One of the favorites from Group-2, Team XO once again saw early elimination from the match, mainly due to the zone.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Reckoning Esports- 26 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Big Brother Esports- 24 points

Match-3: UDOG With an unbelievable win

UDOG India clinched the victory on third map

UDOD India finally showed their capabilities in the third match. After dominating their lobby in Round 3, the expectations were high from them, and they delivered in style on the third map.

Despite losing their two men early, only two were of the UDOG team were enough to grab the win. Moreover, they collected 15 kills and defeated a 4-mean Team XO to win the game.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: UDOG India- 30 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Team XO- 19 points

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Match-4: Chicken Rushers Tastes ChickenΒ 

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 2: 247 gaming with chicken dinner
BGIS Quarter finals Day 2: UDOG finished 3rd in the overall standings

The fourth match was played on the map of Sanhok, where fans witnessed some intense fights. Chicken Rushers came on top in these fights and won the game for themselves.

Moreover, Long Reign’s second finish and Chicken Rushers WWCD kept their hope alive for the next round.

  • Map: Sanhok
  • Winner: Team Chicken Rushers- 21 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Long Reign- 18 points

Match-5: 247 Gaming Crushes Chicken Rushers’s Run

BGIS Quarter finals Day 2: 247 gaming with chicken dinner
BGIS Quarter finals Day 2: 247 gaming with chicken dinner

247 Gaming won the fifth game and made the overall standing a little exciting. Moreover, Chicken Rushers kept their consistency as they finished 2nd and grabbed 12 important placement points.

Reckoning Gaming once again performed well, which almost confirmed their qualification after claiming two victories earlier.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: 247 Gaming- 31 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Team Chicken Rushers- 17 points

Match-6: The Supari Gang with the final win

BGIS Group-2
BGIS group-2 results: The Supari gang tastes the final chicken

The Supari Gang kept their hope alive in the tournament by winning the last game of Erangle. Moreover, Reckoning finished 2nd with 10 kills and Team XO grabbed the 10 placement points.

The final match decided the elimination of the rest 10 teams which included some of the invited ones.

So, these were the final results from BGIS Day 2 quarter finals.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: The Supari Gang- 30 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Reckoning Esports- 19 points

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