Know How To Claim Valorant Bruno Coin Spray For Free

Know full details about Bruno coin spray here.

Claim Valorant Bruno Coin Spray
Riot’s Valorant announced the Bruno Coin giveaway earlier

Valorant Bruno Coin Spray: Riot’s Valorant has released a free spray to be claimed by players at the end of the year. Moreover, players can use the spray to decorate on the maps, while before the round, in between, or after the round.

Bruno Coin is a spray with a dog face and golden background. This spray is inspired by Cryptocurrency named DogeCoin which became famous earlier this year because of Elon Musk. So, let’s know more about the spray and how to claim it.

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All You Need To Know About Bruno Coin Spray In Valorant

The spray is a free reward and players can claim it from Prime Gaming ID. However, it is must that a player should have an Amazon Prime account to claim it.

So, players with an Amazon Prime Gaming account need to link their Valorant account with it, in order to get the spray for free.

Valorant announced the reward via a Tweet. Furthermore, players can claim this free spray and add one more into their collection.

Bruno Coin spray is not a surprise-free spray as Valorant keeps on giving these kinds of rewards. Earlier, during the Champions 2021, the game gave free sprays for watching the streams.

Note: Prime Gaming is not available in India. So, Indian players won’t be able to claim it.Β 

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How To Connect Riot ID With Prime Gaming?

Claim Valorant Bruno Coin Spray
Riot Collab with Amazon Prime Gaming

In order to claim the spray, players need to link it with their prime gaming account. Also, this is not the only time, the game will give free rewards, but there will be several other upcoming events, which will help players to claim free sprays or gun buddies in the future.

Follow these steps to link you’re ID

Step-1: Visit the official Prime Gaming website.

Step-2: Go to Sign-In and login with your prime gaming Credentials.

Step-3: Head to connect and add select Riot ID.

Step-4: Fill details of your Riot ID and you’re connected.

So, by following these steps, one can easily claim the Bruno Coin spray in Valorant.

Drop your review in the comments and let us know if you have claimed the spray or not.

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