Epic Games Holiday Sale 2021 is Here, Offering 15 Amazing Games for Free

Epic Games Holiday Sale
Epic Games Holiday Sale

Epic Games Holiday Sale: Epic Games is once again back to flexing its deep pockets and making your Xmas a merry one with its holiday sale.  Like last year, Epic Games is fully set to giveaway 15 games for Free for 15 days straight. The company is also offering huge discounts on major titles like Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk 2077, Farcry 6, and many others.

Epic Games has decided to once again launch its Epic coupon, using which users can get $10 off of every purchase, provided the title is worth $14.99 or more.

The Epic Games Holiday Sale 2021 started last Thursday on December 16, with the first giveaway being Shenmue III, followed by:

  • 17 December – Neon Abyss
  • 18 December – Remnant from the Ashes
  • 19 December – Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  • 20 December – Loop Hero
  • 21 December – Second Extinction

With 9 more days to go, Epic Games still might be packing some big surprises in its big Santa Bag. The sale will end on 6th January. The games can only be claimed for 24 hours  starting the time and date they go live, so make sure you go and claim them to your account even if you don’t plan to start playing right away

Best Deals Available on Epic Games Holiday Sale 2021:

If you’re looking to go Xmas shopping, Epic has got you covered. You can buy the latest edition of the Far Cry Frachise: Farcry 6 for 35% off at $38.99 or Rs1950. The list further includes games like:

Red Dead Redemption (50% )$29.99 or Rs1600

Battlefield 2042 (34%)$39.59 or Rs1980

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (50%)$29.99 or Rs1500

Cyberpunk 2077 (50%)$29.99 or Rs1500

Hitman 3 (60%)$23.99 or Rs Rs567

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy (35%)$38.99 or Rs1949

Horizon Zero Down (50%)$24.99 or Rs549

Naraka Blade Point (20%)$15.99 or Rs959

Epic Games Holiday Sale 2021
Holiday Sale 2021

Epic Games is also offering hundreds of other games with captivating discounts up to 95 percent, so be sure to browse the store before the sale ends.

The holiday fest also includes free in-game skins for Fortnite, Rocket League, and Warframe. They can all be claimed from the in-game store.


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