Forza Horizon 5 Online Not Working: How To Fix It

The newly launched Forza Horizon is getting crashed, know how to fix it.

Forza Horizon 5 Online Not Working
Know how to fix the FH5 Crash issue

Forza Horizon 5 Online Not Working: The 5th installment of the Forza Horizon series will release on 9th November, whereas early access to the game is now available. Moreover, it is all set to give games the experience of Mexican roads where they can speed up themselves and roam around.

As of now, several players have claimed that the game keeps on crashing in their early access. Let’s know the reason behind this and how to fix it.

Reasons For Forza Horizon 5 Online Not Working

Forza Horizon 5 Online Not Working
FH5 is now available

The game is yet to be launched completely as it is scheduled for 9th November. Furthermore, players who pre-ordered the premium edition can now enjoy early access to the game.

The game is of huge file size still it does not promise to deliver flawless gameplay. Furthermore, many players reported the crash of the game. There can be many reasons behind this. However, the game is only in its early access, we cannot expect a perfect game, and some of the bugs are bearable. However, most of the crashes of Forza Horizon 5 online are on Microsoft Windows and it’s not working properly.

Aso, some of the players reported the crash on the Xbox series too. The game suddenly crashes on the console which makes it a little difficult to find the root cause of the problem.

For the PC, there might be some reasons behind the crash, let’s know about this:

  1. Antivirus And Third-Party Apps

The developers of the Forza Horizon 5 Online series which are Playground games have outlined some antiviruses so they will disable the game and will lead to a force stop and not working online.

Also, popular apps like OBS and Discord can create problems for the game and lead to a force stop.

Fix: Disable your antivirus and try to run

2. PC Requirements

In case, your PC requirement is less than what is required, you may suffer the crash of the game. However, the reason behind Forza Horizon online not working is not often this as most of the gamers buy games carefully.

3. Reset Forza Horizon 5 Via Windows Settings

Step-1: Open the Settings on your Windows 10/ Windows 11 PC.

Step-2: Select Apps.

Step-3: Go to the Apps & features tab and find Forza Horizon 5 from the list.

Step-4: Click Forza Horizon 5.

Step-5: Select Advanced options and go to the reset subheading.

Step-6: Select Reset.

So, these were the methods to fix the not working issue of Forza Horizon 5 Online. To read similar articles like this, click on the link below.

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