Shroud, Tenz, Shahzam And Hiko Reaction on Chamber

Chamber is the new agent in Valorant. Know what pro players have to say about him.

Reaction on Chamber
Know what streamers and professional players have to say on Chamber

Pro Players Reaction on Chamber: After the release of Chamber, many professional players and streamers like Shroud and Tenz dropped their reviews. Most of them were impressed with this new agent.

Riot’s Valorant released their new Sentinel agent named Chamber. Moreover, the agent comes with some unique abilities. Other than his teleport, he has abilities that gives him some special gun.Β  But, let’s have a look at what exactly, they have to say about the agent.

Players Reaction on Chamber Ft. Shroud, Tenz, Hiko And Shahzam

Chamber reaction Shroud, Tenz, Hiko, Shahzam
Chamber is a Sentinel agent

Chamber is the 18th agent of Valorant and comes under the Sentinel category. However, he may not remain the latest agent in the game for a very long time as developers have already leaked the next agent 19.

As of now, there are 5 duelist, 4 sentinels, 4 controllers, and 4 initiator agents in Valorant. The agent has not been on the competitive scene yet, but we might see him soon. As most of the professional players were excited after the release and they loved his abilities. So, let’s have a look at what shroud has to say about Chamber.

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Shroud Reaction on Chamber

Considered one of the best streamers, he is known for his aim and big brain play at FPS games.

He pointed out that we can actually boost ourselves while playing Chamber. So, this will give a big advantage to players as it’s difficult for opponents to clear all angles and no one expects someone to be sitting high.

Tenz Reaction On Chamber

Tenz is undoubtedly one of the best Valorant players. He plays for Team Sentinels and is mostly found playing duelist agents. Furthermore, he tried Chamber once and was very impressed.

He grabbed 25 kills and was the top fragger in that match, which is a normal thing for a player like him. Tenz believes Chamber is a very strong agent.

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Hiko Reaction On Chamber

100 Thieves player Hiko was amazed when he first saw the gameplay video of Chamber. Furthermore, he was impressed by the teleporter ability.

Shahzam Reaction on Chamber

Team Sentinels captain, Shahzam streaming one day and suddenly he realized how good Chamber is. He was spectating his teammate and then something happened.

The opponent Chamber tricked with his teleport ability to kill the last guy. Shahzam’s reaction was priceless.

So, what do you think about this new agent Chamber? Drop your reaction in the comment box.

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