Apex Legends Leaks: The New Agent ‘Mad Maggie’

Apex Legends New Agent Mad Maggie
Agent Mad Maggie

Apex Legends Agent Mad Maggie: Even though we are just a month in season 11 of Apex Legends. Which was seemingly grand and included everything from a new map to a new agent to insane bundles, leakers have already started to reveal new details about a possible upcoming agent in Season 12.

Reliable Data miners like KralRindo and Shrugtal leaked that Mad Maggie might be coming to Apex Legends Season 12 and they have evidence to back it up. After going through the game files, both found an “empty light anim” file for Maggie. ‘Empty Light anim’ file usually gets added in the game files for upcoming agents only. They also discovered skydive emote sounds for Maggie.

Who is ‘Mad Maggie’ in Apex Legends Leaks?

The lore of Apex is enthralling, compelling, and extensive, spanning from even before the Titanfall era to the present Apex Games. So it’s not a surprise that it is filled with tons of characters. That only a handful of apex players are familiar with. That is only partially true in the case of Mad Maggie since she has already been a part of the game as a temporary announcer in Season 8.

Maggie is Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy’s childhood friend, as revealed in the official Season 8 Fuse launch Trailer. They both grew up together in Salvo. Making a name for themselves by pulling off heists and doing other crazy shit together while forging a Strong Bond.

In the video, it is seen that Maggie felt really betray and outrage when Fuse announced to her that he is leaving Salvo for the Apex Games. Enraged by this, she tosses a grenade at Fuse causing him to lose his arm as we see in the game. Not satisfied with this and on a bloodlust, she goes on to fire weapons on the crowd during Fuse’s Debut and destroys huge parts of the King’s Canyon Map. Thus, giving her the name ‘Mad Maggie’.

What are Agent Mad Maggie’s Abilities?

According to Garret, who is a prominent Dataminer and a Youtuber, Maggie appears to have some form of throwable knives. It’s still unclear, as to how exactly these knives will work. But it can be expected to be more powered than a standard throwable melee attack. Garret, also mentions, she might have the ability to call special drop boxes which may include “Buffed” ammo for the players.

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