How to Use Enhancement Progression Calculator in Genshin Impact?

Blue Oni In Genshin Impact: Who is He and His link with Itto Clan
Blue Oni In Genshin Impact: Who is He and His link with Itto Clan

“Genshin Enhancement Progression Calculator” is the latest feature of Genshin Impact. This feature is going to be quite helpful, which will help you farm easier. It is an Interactive Map that makes it easier for players to farm and search goods in Genshin Impact. Well, in this blog post you will read about this Enhancement Progression Calculator

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What is the Genshin Enhancement Progression Calculator?

As we know, it is like an Interactive Map or you can say a new third-party tool. However, the good news is it’s not a fake, fraud, or something bad for your game account. It is a calculator which helps in the Farming calculation in Genshin Impact. For example, it helps to calculate character, weapon, and artefact enhancement.


This helps you to choose the weapons from the weapon list to enhance. This tool contains all the latest weapons and helps you to calculate their enhancement calculation with help of this tool. It allows you to choose the type, rate, and name of the weapon.

Here comes the interesting part, the Enhancement Progression Calculator in Genshin Impact helps you learn and calculate the total amount of materials and elements to level it up. Moreover, you can select the specific level where you want to reach then it will tell you what it takes to reach that level.


How to Use Enhancement Progression Calculator in Genshin Impact?

Characters are important elements of the game and make a great impact on your game. Hence, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest character at their max levels. However, to max your characters you need to know the material you need. And the total time it will take to max out. To know all of these things, the Genshin Enhancement Progression Calculator is a great tool in the game.


Another important element in the Genshin Impact game or you can say for your gameplay is Artifacts. Well, now you can also learn the total required artefacts you need in the game along with their EXP. This tool will help you to know the required artefact set along with the amount of Artifact EXP needed to upgrade the artefact.


The thing you need to keep in mind while using the Enhancement Progression Calculator in Genshin Impact is the default setting of tools only help you to get the required material or EXP for enhancement at only level 90. Select the specific level of your element (character, weapon, artefact) to get the result you want in the game. You should play it to get a full understanding of the tool, select a weapon and use all available options in the table menu. Read more about Genshin Impact related articles on our Esports Blog:

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