Sources: 100 Thieves New Member Leaked Ahead of Upcoming Season

100 Thieves will announce their new coach in the upcoming few days. Know details here.

100T Valorant Roster Change:
100 Thieves Valorant Roster from 2021. Later, nitro and Steel were released

American e-sports organization 100 Thieves is rebuilding its Valorant roster ahead of the upcoming season of Champions Tour. Moreover, the team failed to qualify for the Champions 2021, despite being one of the favorites from the NA region.

Earlier, the team released their two players; steel and nitr0. Furthermore, they also parted ways with their coach Hector “FrosT” Rosario. As per the sources, the team is all set to announce their new coach for the year 2022. To know more details, read the article till the end.

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All You Need To Know About 100 Thieves New Coach

100 Thieves Jovi
100 Thieves new coach is expected to be Jovi

100 Thieves will be promoting their current analyst to head coach. Jovanni Vera, famously known as Jovi will be guiding the team for the year 2022. Notably, this is the second time that 100 Thieves has promoted their analyst to the head coach position.

Earlier, Frost also joined the team as an analyst and was later on promoted to head coach. Later on, he was released in November after the team failed to secure a spot in the Champions 2021.

100T qualified for the VCT Masters Berlin earlier this year. Despite playing the Masters and Last Chance qualifiers, the team failed to put up the performance and missed out on the first Champions. 

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100T Expected Lineup For Next Year

As of now, 100 Thieves has four active payers in their roster. However, youngster Seven might be heading to T1. This means the team will be left with three players with the likes of Asuna, Ethan, and Hiko.

Furthermore, to compete in the next season, 100T will sign two more players. After poor performance at the VCT Masters Berlin, 100 Thieves benched their in-game leader ‘Steel’ and went on to compete in LCQ. Boi replaced him at the LCQ and nitro filled the position for the IGN.

After the LCQ, the team announced their team re-build as they released Nitr0, coach Frost, and Boi from the active roster. As of now, only Steel has managed to found a new team for himself. He will be playing for T1 next season. And as per speculations, 100 Thieves academy player seven might join him at T1.

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