Season 44 Elite Pass Free Fire: Release Date, Bundles, Emote And More

Free Fire January 2022 Elite Pass Season 44
Free Fire January 2022 Elite Pass S44

Like the other battle royale game, Free Fire also features the monthly passes known as Elite Pass. The Elite passes in Free Fire offers exclusive in-game rewards like bundle outfits, gun skins, vehicle skins, and much more. Players can earn extra badges by completing daily missions by having access to Elite pass. Moreover, the elite passes are renewed after every month in Free Fire and the players are eager to know about the Season 44 Elite pass of January 2022. So, in this article, we will discuss the new upcoming Elite Pass in Free Fire.

Recently, the season 43 Elite pass was introduced on 1 December 2021. The upcoming Season 44 Elite Pass will be introduced on 1 January 2022 on the special occasion of the new year. Although, the S44 Elite pass of Free Fire will be based on the Space theme.

January 2022 Season 44 Elite Pass Free Fire

Free Fire players require to complete daily as well as weekly missions to earn badges. The rewards in Elite passes are unlocked after reaching certain badges target. Even so, along with the exclusive Elite pass rewards, free rewards for all the players are available that can be claimed by completing missions and claiming the badges. The Season 44 Elite pass rewards are listed below.

  • Kar98K- Big Bang skin
  • Star Splash Jacket
  • Extraterrestrial Banner
  • Mercury Ink Jacket
  • Celestial Cosmopuff Bundle
  • MAG7 Big Bang skin
  • Asteroid Loot Box
  • Sponge Planet Grenade skin
  • Extraterrestrial Avtar
  • Evolution stone
  • Violet Orbit backpack
  • Galactic Spaceboogy Bundle

Moreover, the January 2022 Elite pass rewards will not consist of any Exclusive emote. The other normal rewards like 100% Exp card, Universal fragments, backpacks, etc are also included along with the exclusive rewards. Also, Elite pass pre-registration is available prior to the release of the Elite pass with exclusive rewards on pre-registers. Besides, the release date of the Season 44 Elite pass pre-registration is not yet released.

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