Genshin Impact: Top 3 Locations to Find Genshin Crystal Cores?

Want some Crystel Cores for yourself? Below you get a top location to find these Genshin Crystal Cores easily...

Genshin Impact: Top 3 Locations to Find Genshin Crystal Cores?

Genshin Crystal Cores i.e Crystal Core Genshin are living materials of Genshin Impact Game. You only need crafting recipes to find Crystal Core in the game. In a recent update, Genshin Impact introduced a new in-game item which is the β€œCondensed Resin Blueprint.” Well, you need this item before you start your search for precious Crystal Cores. Furthermore, it’s not an easy task to do and it becomes more difficult if you do not know their location (or where to look for them.

Many players have these Crystal Core in their inventory, however, if you want more then you can farm these Crystal Cores. In this blog post, you will read about the list of top locations where you should look for them and make a farm route.

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Top 3 Genshin Crystal Cores Locations

#01. Guyun Stone Forest

The first location on the list is Guyun Stone Forest where you can find your Crystal Cores. Guyun Stone Forest location allows you to teleport to Geo Crystal Flies where you can find some of them. And the fact is at locations where you have teleport, there you get the highest concentration of Crystal Cores.

Furthermore, you are unable to find any Genshin Impact Crystal Cores at that location. Then you can teleport to any other near a location. It is one of the most popular areas where you can find Crystal Cores without much work.

#02. Mt. Tianheng

Genshin Impact: Top 3 Locations to Find Genshin Crystal Cores?
Genshin Impact: Top 3 Locations to Find Genshin Crystal Cores?

The next location on this list is Mt. TianhengΒ  and there you can find up to six crystal cores. You should make your way from Liyue Harbor and try finding stones at Mt. Tianheng. Then to give a proper search you should glide to the area northwest of Mt. Tianheng.

Furthermore, it is not the end yet because you can get another bunch of Five to Six Genshin Crystal Cores. Now, time to teleport from your current location to Lisha. Lisha located at the west of Mr Tianheng has the same amount of Crystal Core Genshin as the previous location.

#03. North of Mt. Aozang

Last but not least, we have North of Mt. Aozang where you can find a bunch of Genshin Crystals Cores i.e Crystal Core Genshin Impact. Players have the ability to teleport to the Clear Pool in Genshin Impact. After teleporting then head for the Geo Crystalflies.

Furthermore, you can find 10s of Geo Crystal Flies on the route of the Western Peninsula. To get the most out of this place you should start from the top of the Peninsula. Then move inward and you will find up to 12 Crystal Files and Crystal Core Genshin at that location.

Special Tip: When you are done with Mt. Aozang then move to Bishiu Plain because this place also contained around 4-5 Crystal Cores.

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