PMGC 2021 Super Weekend Overall Standings: Check Here

In this we are going tell you about the PMGC 2021 Superweekend Overall Standings and more. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Then, Pubg Mobile Global Championship
PMGC 2021 Super weekend Overall Standings

PMGC 2021 Super Weekend Overall Standings: As we know that the PUBG Mobile Global Championship running in two halves. The first one is PMGC 2021 League East and PMGC 2021 League West whose number of matches is going on and increasing day by day. That increases our enthusiasm.

So in this, we are going to talk with your friends about the PMGC 2021 Super Weekend Overall Standings and more parts that are related to this championship like top teams and chicken dinners, etc.

PMGC 2021 Super Weekend 1 Day 1

Due to the weekly match of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021, now the super weekend of this championship is in front of us. This is Super Weekend 1 Day 1 which we have the overall standings. In which the best qualifying teams gave the best performance.

In this Super Weekend from League East, SZ STE achieves the first position with two Chicken Dinner. On the other side West region, S2G got first place with also two chicken dinners.

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PUBG Mobile Global Championship: Overall Standings

Then, Super weekend Overall Standing
Super weekend 1 Day1: Overall Standing
Then, Super weekend Overall Standing
Super weekend 1 Day 1: Overall Standing

PMGC-East Super Weekend 1 Day 1

In overall standings, from PMGC-East Six Two Eight (SZ STE) get #1 in East Super Weekend 1 Day 1 ranking other second and three ranks Stalwart eSports (STE) & Team Infinity (INFIN) place his name. Team Rico Infinity Team and D’Xavier also get one-one winner chicken dinner with great points.

4Rivals (4RVL ALL) get the fourth position with a total of 44 points. DRS on seven and NV on the eighth position. Which these Team top 8 teams will try to play for the lead of the second day weekend.


PMGC-West Super Weekend 1 Day 1

In overall standings, from PMGC-West get Team S2G #1 West Super Weekend 1 Day 1 ranking. Other second and three ranks UDL & GHOST place his name with one-one chicken dinner. Team RISE gets the last chicken dinner in eighth place with 38 total points. Team FB on fourth, team PK on fifth and NAVI & EST get sixth- seventh place.

In League West teams, Team UDL took the chicken dinner of the first match. Second, third and fourth chicken dinner back to back three incredibly wins goes to S2G. Team Ghost captures the final fifth Chicken Dinner.

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