Charizard Pokemon Build And Moveset: Pokemon Unite

In this post we going to tell you about the Charizard Pokemon Build And Moveset in Pokemon Unite. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Then, Charizard Pokemon Build And Moveset: Pokemon Unite
Charizard Pokemon Build And Moveset

Charizard Pokemon Build And Moveset:  Charizard is an All-rounder and Melee type Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Which is a great thing because it can anyone’s role in battle. So let’s know about Charizard like Charizard Pokemon Build,  Moveset, ability and more in Pokemon Unite. Here is the best guide about this flying Pokemon how to play Charizard in Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

About Charizard Pokémon Moves

The all-rounder role of Charizard gave him amazing moves. Moves that were changed slightly in the update Version Patch Note on 22 September 2021. Which makes him more deadly. In this update, the Pokemon Unite team changes his Seismic Slam, Fire Blast, Fire Punch and Flamethrower.

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Charizard Pokémon Build And Movesets

Charizard is an all-rounder, which means it has almost every Pokemon’s (Attacker, Defender, Speedster and Supporter) abilities. It has novice difficulties. So according to its role Charizard Pokemon Build moves are-

Charizard Basic Attack – This causes constant damage. It deals increased damage which increases in burn and range as the user evolves.

Blaze – Blaze is a special and main ability of Charizard. With-it when a Pokémon occurs at half HP or small, its crucial strike rate boosts.

Flame Burst – The Flame Burst of the Charizard Pokemon strikes with a fierce flame. And it evacuates the Pokémon burning and boosts the player’s momentum. But upon reaching level 5 it changes into two Charizard Pokemon Build moves-

Moveset 1: Flamethrower

Moveset 2: Fire Punch

I compare my Charizard Pokemon build and Moveset the use Flamethrower more than Fire Pooch seriously because it attacks with bursts of fire. When this move hits, it releases the Pokemon to burn which increases the user’s speed for a short period.

Upgrade: Increases carry and burn damage after the upgrade.

Fire Spin – It Destroys the opposing Pokemon in its sphere of influence in a whirlpool of fire. Upon reaching level 6, it also changes into two Charizard Pokemon Moves-

Moveset 1: Fire Blast

Moveset 2: Flare Blitz

So in my Charizard Pokemon build I’m using Fire Blast because it explodes intensely, igniting all fire, doing damage to opposing Pokemon over time while the flames continue to burn to the ground. And reducing the speed of opposing Pokemon for a short period.

Upgrade: It increases the damage done by this move.

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