Heatbound Dunes Bundle: How To Get The Free Fire New Gold Royale Bundle After OB31 Update?

Free Fire Next Gold Royale (Heatbound Dunes Bundle)
Gold Royale Free Fire- ffbooyah.com

Free Fire New Gold Royale Bundle- Heatbound Dunes Bundle: The Free Fire OB31 update is out and various new features have been introduced to the game. Also, recently a new Gold Royale has been launched in the game after the OB31 update in Free Fire. This Gold royale features an all-new female Heatbound Dunes Bundle as its Grand prize. So, in this article, we will discuss the new Gold royale bundle in Free Fire.

Moreover, the Gold royale grand prizes get changed after a certain time. Besides, players require to spend Gold coins to spin in the Gold royale. This is the only royale in the game that does not require diamonds to unlock the prizes. The Gold coins are the in-game currencies of Free Fire. The Free Fire players can earn the gold coins by playing games, completing daily missions and events in the game.

New Gold Royale Bundle: Heatbound Dunes Bundle

The New Gold royale has been launched on 2 December 2021 and this Heatbound Dunes bundle will be replaced after 50 days in Free Fire. The previous gold bundle i.e. the Crimson Heir Bundle will be added to the Magic cube redemption store. Besides, Free Fire frequently adds alternative male and female bundles to the Gold royale after a certain time.

Players can find the new Gold royale bundle in the Luck royale section present in the Free Fire lobby. The Free Fire enthusiasts require gold coins to spin in the Gold royale that players can collect by completing the in-game missions. Players can also make use of Gold royale vouchers to spin in this royale.

How To Get The Heatbound Dunes Bundle?

One spin in the Gold royale costs 300 gold coins, while the 10+1 spin costs 3000 gold coins. However, using the Gold royale vouchers, one spin costs 1 voucher, while 10+1 spin costs 10 gold royale vouchers. Also, after completing 20 spins in the Gold royale, players will get certain rewards. Also, other than the grand prize of the Heatbound Dunes bundle, other normal in-game rewards like outfits, gun skins, 50% Gold card, and much more are also present in the new gold royale in Free Fire.

Even so, it is a luck-based royale, players require to have a good luck rate to increase the chances of getting the grand prizes. Players can check their luck rate above the spin option in the new Gold royale i.e Heatbound Dunes Bundlein Free Fire. Players will surely get the grand prize i.e. the Heatbound Dunes Bundle when their luck rate reached 100.

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