Top 3 Nerfs after Free Fire OB31 Update: Chorono, Snipers, and More!

Top 3 Nerfs after Free Fire OB31 Update

Free Fire’s latest update OB31 is now live and available to download. If you haven’t updated your game then you are missing too many new features and in-game items. However, good things also come with some bad stuff also known as Nerfs in the gaming community. In this blog post, you will read about the top 3 Nerfs of Free Fire OB31 Update. 

Furthermore, to win every game you need to keep yourself updated in competitive games like Free Fire. Because to keep games alive or engaging developers always need to update minor and major on the regular basis. Below we will tell you the three biggest nerfs which contain Chorono’s ability along with guns, and more…

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Top 3 Nerfs after Free Fire OB31 Update

#01. Double Sniper Rifles

The first biggest nerf is that Free Fire removes the Double Sniper Rifles features. It was one of the biggest overpowered things of Free Fire. With help of, this you can shoot multiple bullets without doing reload. Furthermore, rifles can only shoot one bullet per round but because of Double Sniper Ri, files you can shoot up to two bullets.

Well, now this feature is removed from the Free Fire game. And it is not a for sniper but many other heavy or you can say high damage guns. Moreover, many guns damage rate is also got the nerf.

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#02. Free Fire OB31 Nerfs Chrono’s Shield Ability

The next biggest nerf is the most popular ability in the Fire Fire game is no more. Yes, we are talking about the ability which helps you to shoot from inside of his Chrono’s ability was quite powerful and taking down multiple enemies was easy. However, it’s no longer available in the game and never comes back.

Furthermore, it’s been a year since Chono came to Free Fire with its super special ability. Even in many asps,eChronorono is much better than DJ Alok. Now, Corona’snpopularityrily will fall and it’s quite a sad moment for those Free Fire players who recently bought Chrono.

#03. Reduction in Range of Popular Guns

Free Fire is a game of Guns and without, guns there will be no game or enjoyment. Free Fire OB31 update comes with some nerfs on SMGs (Submachine Guns). The fact is machine guns have the highest fire rate you to take down your enemies in seconds. However, they are extremely bad choices long-range. SMGs work fine in the medium-range and best close range but now it is reduced.

In the end, Free Frie OB31 comes with more nerfs and Buffs. But you get some good security and graphics updates which will surely improve your gaming experience.

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