5 Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas for December 2021

Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas
Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas: Minecraft is a very huge game that is filled with a lot of exciting things. But sometimes the excitement must be kept aside. And sometimes a person needs to relax. That is when they think of having a cozy home to themselves. And what is better than a Cottagecore Minecraft Houses.ย 

“A nice pathway to the house. A dog waiting for you inside. Or it can be a cat. Then a beautiful garden with plenty of flowers where bees will buzz around all day.” Doesn’t it sound so Magical? Well, it can be when you will build the Cottagecore Minecraft Houses.ย 

What are Cottagecore Minecraft Houses?

CottageCore Minecraft Houses are simple, Nature-driven houses. They have stone infrastructure and greenery around it. The house itself will feel cozy and connected to Nature. These houses have flowers and nature throughout the structure. Moreover, the House has a vibe of Simplicity to it.

Main Characters of the CottageCore Minecraft House:

These houses have certain characters that differentiate them from other houses. The main characters are:-

      1. They have a Stone in their infrastructures.
      2. Wood is also an important part of the building Material.
      3. The stone used is usually mossed up.
      4. They have Flowered, mostly all around the house.
      5. House has coverage of greenery all around it.

There are some more criteria that should come here. But considering the fact that it is your house. Moreover, the house you like is the one you should consider. So, here are 5 Cottagecore Minecraft Houses that you can try to build.

1. Tower CottageCore Minecraft House-

The first type of house on our list is the Tower house. Since the theme of this house is a little Medieval. So, it will match the asthetics very much. Moreover, this house can be also used as a watchtower. To give you a right visual of this house. Imagine yourself living in the Tower of Rupnzle. Therefore, this tower has the same feel.

2. Asthetic Cottage-

This one is very simple and easy to make. However, don’t underestimate the simplicity of the asthetics of this house. This cottagecore Minecraft House is really beautiful. Packed with everything you need to survive.

3. Starter Survival Cottage-

A Starter survival cottage is the best one for you if you are new to the game. Moreover, a noob if we want to define the term. This Cottagecore House is just like the one in the real life. Simple yet very effective. And pleasing at the same time. So, make sure to check it out if you want something simple.

4. Underground Cottagecore Minecraft House-

Since we are making every type of house in this category, then how can we miss the OG House type. The underground cottagecore house is a different yet the same concept. The same type of features and aesthetics are there. However, they are underground.

5. Green House Cottage-

Since we are talking about CottageCore Minecraft Houses. It is inevitable that we don’t talk about a Green house. The Green house is yet another feature of this type of houses. So here is another house design with a Green house that you can use.

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