New BGMI Infection Mode Live on November 2021

New BGMI Infection Mode Live on November 2021
New BGMI Infection Mode Live on November 2021

BGMI Infection Mode is coming this Halloween in November 2021 with other new updates. In every festival, games come with new ideas and events that make the game more interesting and enjoyable. Well, in the BGMI 1.6.5 update they released some very new features and game modes that will make BGMI more addictive.

Well, today in this blog post you will get to know everything about Infection Mode and other related updates. Moreover, you will also get to know new features coming with this update.

New BGMI Infection Mode and Other Details: 

Well, In update 1.6.5 comes with many existing modes including Infection Mode. Moreover, there are a total of 7 game modes release with this update and still running in the game right now.

On the other hand, The Infection Mode is going to start on October 31, 2021. Moreover, it will end on 16th November 2021. Also, do not think it is as a Survival Till Down because in infection mode you do not just get Zombies but more than that. Moreover, these modes are not new. And if you are an old player then you already experienced it on the PUBG Mobile version.

What will you get in BGMI Infection Mode? 

There are a total of 4 new (well not new actually) Games Modes that are going to be released on 31 October 2021 along with Infection Mode. Moreover, each of them will also end on the same date 16th November 2021.

If you do not know about Infection Mode in BGMI then let me give a quick introduction. It is a mode that comes when you multiply the Zombie mode with 10. In another world, here you get zombies and a type of infection in the air which will reduce your Health Points. You need to keep yourself inside the house if you do not want to infect and also kill the zombies at the same time.


Well, it is a difficult mode to conquer because of their rules. I recommend you to play this mode with your friends or you can say squad to win the game. Moreover, there are some challenges related to this game with lots of exciting rewards.  Let me know in the comment section what you think about this infection game mode in BGMI?

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