How to Join Contests on the Fastest Growing Fantasy App Howzat?

Fantasy App Howzat
Fantasy App Howzat

The fantasy sports industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. According to a report released by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and KPMG, India’s fantasy sports and gaming sector is worth $43.8 billion and is predicted to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22.1% to $118.8 billion by the financial year 2023. One of the major factors driving the growth of this market is the rise of real fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket is an online game that allows you to use your expertise in the sport and your gaming skills to select a virtual team of 11 players from the two teams playing in a real-world match and compete with real participants from across the country. Your team scores point based on your players’ performance in the real match. The player whose team scores the most number of points emerges as the winner and wins a real cash prize in a cash contest.

Rise of Fantasy Cricket in India

India has long been a cricket-crazy country. There is a cricket guru in every nook and corner of the country who knows nearly everything there is to know about the sport. Fantasy cricket came to the forefront to provide these cricket enthusiasts with entertainment as well as means of showcasing their cricket skills.

While the concept of fantasy sports dates back to 2001 with ESPN’s Super Selector game, the advent of T20 leagues revolutionized the fantasy sports landscape and allowed fans to connect with their beloved sport from the comfort of their homes.

Another aspect that contributed to the massive increase in the number of fantasy players was the increased penetration of mobile phones and low-cost internet data packs. One of India’s best and fastest-growing fantasy apps is Howzat.

How to Join a Contest on Howzat

Here is how you can register with Howzat and play fantasy cricket on the app:

Easy sign-up

The Howzat fantasy cricket app has an easy download and sign-up process that takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Once you download the app from Howzat’s official website, you can sign up on the platform using your mobile number or Google/Facebook account and start playing right away.

Join a contest

Howzat has contests based on all major international and domestic tournaments, series, and matches played across the globe. There are a number of leagues and head-to-head competitions available on the app. In head-to-head competitions, you compete against only one opponent and win if your team outperforms theirs. You can join leagues and compete for prizes worth lakhs of rupees if you’re seeking a bigger challenge and want to compete with multiple gamers from all around the country simultaneously. Apart from cricket, you can also play football and kabaddi on Howzat.

To join a contest, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the game lobby on the Howzat app and select the sport and upcoming match of your choice.
  • Choose from among the contests and leagues available for the match. There is no limit on the number of contests you can join.
  • Once you have selected a contest, select a balanced team of 11 players from both the teams playing in the real-world match, using your knowledge of the sport and keeping in mind the recent form of the players, the pitch, and the weather report. Also, select a captain and a vice-captain for your team and join the contest.
  • Take a final look at your team immediately after the toss to make any last-minute changes before the match begins.

Once you have created your team and joined a fantasy contest or league, you can sit back and relax as your fantasy points are updated in real-time on Howzat. You can view your score and rank at different stages of the match as the match progresses.

Join with multiple teams

Howzat allows you to create up to 40 teams for a single contest. However, this number varies from contest to contest. Joining fantasy cricket contests with multiple teams will increase your chances of winning contests. This increases your probability of winning as one of your teams may have the right players.

Multiple teams are great because they give you an excellent opportunity to try out several different team combinations, prioritizing different factors while selecting your teams. So if one of your teams fails to score well, you still have a chance at winning the contest with another team you have joined with.

Why You Should Play on Howzat

Here are some amazing features of Howzat that make playing on the app an experience like never before:

  • User-friendly interface

Howzat has a simple and easy-to-use game lobby that makes it easy for anybody to find and join a match on the platform. Howzat’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and flawless fantasy gaming experience for everyone.

  • Amazing bonuses and offers

Howzat offers the best welcome bonus among all the fantasy sports apps available on the market. When you make your first deposit on the app, you can get a bonus of up to 200% of the deposit amount. The app also has fantastic referral bonuses, great cashback, and other regular offers. You can get up to ₹500 every time you successfully invite a friend to play on the app/site. Not only that, but your invited friend will also receive a ₹500 bonus!

  • Quick and easy withdrawals

Immediately after a match ends, your winnings are credited to your Howzat wallet. You can withdraw the money immediately or at any time, or you can use it to enter new contests and win more money.

  • 100% legal to play for real money

The more knowledge you have about a sport, the better are your chances of scoring high in a game of fantasy sports and winning contests. As it is a skill game that requires you to put your skills to use, Howzat is absolutely legal to play for cash. Any big prizes that you win on Howzat fall under the category of your taxable, legal income, and income tax are deducted from every amount of ₹10,000 or more won in a single contest.

  • Better opportunities to win big cash prizes

Some other apps may offer bigger prize pools but the money will be disproportionately divided among a larger number of participants and each winner will win less than on Howzat. The prize pool will also change based on the number of contestants that participate. On the other hand, Howzat regularly announces a guaranteed prize pool for the best matches. This means that the prize pool remains the same regardless of how many people join the contest.

You can start your journey in the world of fantasy sports by simply downloading the Howzat app from Howzat’s official website onto your mobile phone. Create teams, join contests and win massive cash prizes on the Howzat app right now! Happy gaming!

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