How RNG is Playing an Important Role in Online Rummy

Online Card Games
Online Card Games

We all know that the online rummy game enjoys immense popularity in the country. It is the top choice of many gaming enthusiasts as it is an amazing source of entertainment. It also brings a great opportunity for players to win rewards that are worth flaunting. But as much as people love playing rummy, some of them also think that online rummy apps and websites may be unsafe or partial.

However, that’s not true. Certified rummy platforms, regardless of whether they offer free rummy or real cash rummy games, make use of the latest technology to ensure security and fairness. One such software is the Random Number Generator or RNG, and rummy players and rummy apps both benefit from it alike. Read on to dive deeper and learn what this wonderful tool does to make online rummy safe.

What is RNG?

As the name suggests, numbers arranged in an undefined order are called random numbers, and the process of generating unlimited random numbers without any predictability is called random number generation. The software used for this is what we call a Random Number Generator or RNG.

There are numerous methods to generate a random number, such as dice rolling or tossing a coin. But when it comes to a larger number of items, the process is done using an algorithm via a computer program. Here the numbers are generated such that any kind of prediction or guessing is impossible to make based on prior knowledge. This ensures fair play on online rummy platforms.

Junglee Rummy, the most trusted rummy site, is sought after for deploying the best industry methods to ensure a safe online rummy experience. Its RNG system is one that has been rigorously tested by running millions of rounds to ensure the platform operates fairly.

How does RNG play an important role in online rummy?

  1. Enhanced user experience

Physical card playing experiences were often spoiled due to manipulation, cheating, and unfair dealing of cards. It often disappointed players terribly, and they ended up losing interest in the game. With an RNG in place in online rummy, the user experience is no doubt enhanced manifold.

Cards are randomly dealt so there is no scope for players enjoying an unfair advantage. Besides, players at multiplayer tables on Junglee Rummy are allocated seats randomly by the RNG, which ensures that no two players sit next to each other in more than one game or round. Thus, every player gets a fair chance to prove their skills at the tables. In fact, another add-on is that players can just focus on the game and take home big prizes!

2. Absolute safety and fairness

The RNG software used by trusted rummy platforms is verified by an authorized establishment, such as the iTech Labs in Australia. They are put through intense testing rounds to ensure randomness compliance under various scenarios. The RNG ensures players’ safety from any kind of manipulation in the online game.

Since complex mathematical formulae and programs are used in dealing cards with RNG, there is absolutely no scope for guesswork or prediction of cards. This offers rummy lovers a gaming space where they can rely on the platform and play without the fear of being dealt unfair cards or your opponents colluding.

3. Trust building and stress-free gaming

The use of RNG software in online rummy helps bring a sense of trust among competing players and between the players and the brand. It ensures that there is no way to unencrypt the security mechanism or decode the algorithm.

Players can also easily focus on the game, build strategies and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Imagine the lingering feeling of being dealt unfair cards or your opponents colluding while you give your 100% to win the game. Seems terrible, doesn’t it?

There is also an enhanced sense of learning from one’s mistakes, improving one’s game, and appreciating others’ techniques. Had there been a constant doubt that the opponent is winning because of a biased card distribution system, the ability to learn and grow in online rummy would be far less.

4. A chance to win money purely with rummy skills

With an RNG system in place, players get a fair chance to win big in rummy games. They do not need to worry about losing money at cash rummy tables due to biased distribution of cards or collusion by opponents. They also are free to take bigger chances at the tables as there is the absolute certainty of the games being fair.

Moreover, players are better able to enjoy the online experience the rummy platform provides. They can immerse themselves in the fantastic graphics and enjoy a seamless experience without any worries.

Is it possible to manipulate RNG?

No. Since an RNG system is a compilation of complex mathematical algorithms, it is impossible to manipulate the software. A typical RNG requires a “seed” to determine the initial point of sequences for random numbers. Seeds are prepared in such a way as to avoid repetitive patterns, ensuring that all sprouting sequences are unpredictable.

Various parameters are used in varying combinations for seed calculation, thus guaranteeing that no two seeds are alike. As a result, players cannot predict the output accurately, so the play and dealing of cards in online rummy remain unbiased.


With the evolution of technology, brands and companies are finding foolproof methods to prevent fraud, cheating, and any other ways of bias. The only thing you need to keep in mind before a game of online rummy is to verify that the website or app you are playing the game on has an RNG system in place. Junglee Rummy is the most trusted gaming site/app you can play rummy on. Their cash rewards and intuitive gaming platform are highly talked about by card game lovers.

In a nutshell, do not forget to remember the multiple uses of RNG in online rummy. Play the game in all fairness with this amazing tool at your disposal, stress-free.

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