Free Fire Next Incubator: Geometric Shock Incubator Available From 3 Dec

Free Fire Next Incubator: Geometric Shock Incubator Available From 3 Dec

Free Fire Next Incubator is Geometric Shock Incubator in Free Fire: Want to win some in-game cosmetics? Then here is a golden opportunity for you to win some rare Free Fire in-game items. Furthermore, they are going to release the Geometric Shock Incubator on 3rd December 2021. The best thing about these incubator events is they will allow you to get epic items at half price. In this blog post, you will read about the upcoming event or you can say Incubator in detail

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What is Free Fire Next Incubator Event?

There is a Fre Frie leak by a famous data miner on Instagram known as Knight Clown. It’s about the next incubator event in the game. Furthermore, according to leaks, it is going to be The Geometric Shock Incubator. Which is going to be released on 3 December 2021.

An incubator is a great event in which Free Fire survivors can win several Grand Prizes at a low cost. Furthermore, to participate you need to collect some tokens from the Spin Wheel also known as Incubator Spin. After collecting tokens you can use them to exchange for Free Fire Next Incubator EventGeometric Shock prizes. However, it is a limited time Free Fire offer so you need to hurry. because if it ends then there is no guarantee when that item will come again.

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Geometric Shock Incubator

There are four different variants of this upcoming Incubator event. You can choose any one of them in the Free Fire Next Incubator Event. Furthermore, their real cost is in thousands of diamonds. However, because of this event, you can get it for half the real cost or even less. The names are given below:

  1. Magma Hexa Light
  2. Ultra Quadro Light
  3. Sunrise Trio Light
  4. Metallic Circa Light

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How to Find the Incubator?

Follow the given steps below to obtain your Geometric Shock Incubator in Free Fire. Furthermore, this event will launch on 3 December 2021. And it will not be available at the time of writing this article (2 December 2021).

First, open your Free Fire game and then click on the event section (on the left side of your Home Screen). After that, you can have the option of the incubator event. Furthermore, spin the wheel and collect the required tokens to obtain the Geometric Shock bundle. When you get a good amount of Free Fire tokens then you can obtain the bundles by exchanging them.

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