PUBG New State Motion Speed Improvements, Patch And Anti-Cheat

In this post we are going to tell you about the PUBG New State Motion Speed Improvements, Patch And Anti-Cheat. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Then, PUBG New State : Motion Speed Improvements - Patch Review
PUBG New State: Motion Speed Improvements

PUBG New State: Motion Speed Improvements – PUBG New State has shared a video with us on its official YouTube handle and others. Which contains some patch notes and information about some updates that replace the new mechanism. So if you want to know more about PUBG New State Motion Speed Improvements and Patch Review then read this post completely. All this I’m pretty sure that the new state is going to love with this update.

About Motion Speed Improvements And Bugs:

In this update PUBG New State Patch Review movement, bugs, movement timing has got more attention and increased speed enhancements like roll animation, running etc-

  • In Bugs, fixed characters would return to their original position when walking or running on stairs or the side of buildings.
  • Also with a full sprint will add character speed for a smoother run and improve overall character speed.
  • Character speed improvements like improved the speed of the stand motion right after the roll animation.
  • Second, improve the speed of the sprint motion right after the prone animation.
  • The Auto-Run field would appear too small.

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PUBG New State Anti-Cheat


In this PUBG New State patch notes, the PUBG New State team have implemented updates mainly to tackle bugs, improve and enhance the anti-cheat system –

  • PUBG added a function where players who are using unauthorized third-party programs and have been out of the match, as a result, will now be marked in the finished feed like a ban.
  • Unauthorized third parties will increase the restrictions, suspensions and restrictions placed on the use of the program in New State.

More About PUBG New State Patch Note

Control Systems Improvement

PUBG New State also fixes several issues related to gyroscope and controls in the new patch update-

  • In this, also New State fixes the horizontal and vertical sensitivities of the in-game gyroscope.
  • Inverted controls were also added for the gyroscope.

Bugs Included In Squad Finish

The system survivors would not be harmed when struck by a vehicle operated with teammates.

Improvements In Sound Systems

Fixes footprints were not identical in some situations.

This update is going to be quite incredible as if these errors have been fixed. Due to which the new players of the state will also get a great experience and update response through PUBG New State.

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