Fortnite Jordan Collab Dropping Tomorrow In Fortnite

Fortnite Jordan Collab
Fortnite Jordan Collab

Fortnite Jordan Collaboration Soon: As you guys already know that Fortnite Battle Royale is always super active in terms of collaborations. Also in crossovers with different brands and companies. So this time Fortnite is thinking of collab with Jordan.

According to the sources, it is expected that most seemingly this Fortnite crossover will happen tomorrow. Data miners strengthen this information and state that the FORTNITE X JORDAN collab is dropping tomorrow.


Thanks to the Data Miners for determining and providing the pieces of information fastly. Also to tell the updates in advance to the whole Fortnite community. ShinaBR comes under one of the most trusted Fortnite data miners whose informations are correct most of the time.

So this time also it is expected that the information about the Fortnite Jordan Collaboration will be correct. According to ShinaBR, this Fortnite X Jordan crossover will happen tomorrow. Moreover, players will see a few Fortnite outfits, some Back Blings, and an exclusive Fortnite emote as a part of this amazing Collaboration.

Presently, not much information is available about this collab. But soon we will see some official information or an update from the Fortnite side. It will be wondrous to see such big brands collaborating with each other. Additionally, we noticed the same collaboration of Fortnite and Jordan 2 years back.

At that time Jordan’s spokesperson said that according to them this collaboration will allow them to connect across virtual and physical worlds. and unlock access to some of their most coveted shoes, the Air Jordan 1.

Previous Collaboration:


The previous Fortnite X Jordan crossover happened on 22nd May 2019. During that crossover, some sets of challenges were available for the Fortnite players. Everyone was expected to complete all the challenges in Fortnite LTM mode in order to claim the new skins. These new skins were representing the Jorden Brand in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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