Chrono Vs Wukong: Which is the Better Character in Free Fire?

Chrono Vs Wukong: Which is the Better Character in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire contains many types of in-game cosmetics like Bundles, Gun Skins, and Characters. But Characters are one of the most important ones because they play a major role in your Free Fire Gameplay. Furthermore, Free Fire has a plethora of unique characters with super abilities. However, some Free Fire Characters are better than others. One of those is Wukong and Chrono. In this blog post, you will read about Chrono vs Wukong and which is the better character in Free Fire?

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Chrono Vs Wukong: Which is the Better Character in Free Fire?

About Chrono in Free Fire

Ability: Chrono comes with  “Time Turn Ability” which creates a semi-sphere shield. Furthermore, it can take up to 600 damage and a player or teammate can attack from inside of the shield. Another perk of Chrono ability is it will increase your movement speed for the next 8 seconds after activation.

Gun Combination: AUG and MAG-7

Chrono vs Wukong Skils: Chrono can easily fight in close range and defeat more than one enemy. However, to get the most out of Chrono’s ability you need high damaging guns. For example, AUG has one of the highest Damage rates in Free Fire. The second gun is the MAG-7, at close range, what’s better than a shotgun? MAG-7 is the best shotgun. It is Free Fire and needs a single shot to take down your enemies.

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About Wukong in Free Fire

Ability: Wukong ability turns its user into a bush (green grass) for 15 seconds. Furthermore, the reset time is 200 seasons but you can reset immediately by killing an enemy. Woking’s ability comes in handy while camping and avoiding enemies on the go.

Gun Combination: UMP + M1014

Chrono vs Wukong Skils: As we know, UMP is the best close-range gun in Free Fire. Furthermore, Woking ability works best in close range to stabilize them from behind. The second gun is an M1014. Which is one of the deadliest weapons in Free Fire. The Wukong is a close-range fighter then it means you also need some pretty good close and medium-range guns. However, to use this character to its fullest – “Always Play Aggressive”

Chrono Vs Wukong Result: 

TLDR; Chrono is a much better character than Wukong in Garena Free Fire! Why? Read below:

Wukong’s ability is Bushes but not all Maps have green buses. For example in Kalahari players easily detect you as “Something Odd”. However, Maps like Bermuda are super beneficial for Wokung.

On the other hand, Choro’s ability can work in every map and moment. Furthermore, you can protect yourself from any random attack and attack at the same time. Hence, Chrono is the Best!

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