“We’ll Be Back In Decision Dome On Saturday 11th December” Says Minecraft Championship 19

Minecraft Championship 19
Minecraft Championship 19

With the end of Minecraft Championship All-Stars, Minecraft Championship Took a new turn. They are coming back with another Minecraft Championship 19. This time with new teams. And the Match is in the Decision Dome. Half of the teams were announced last night. Wait to see all the teams.

Half of the teams are announced and the players are put in the slots of each team. These teams are carefully made so that each team is even. And no one gets an upper hand in the Minecraft Championship 19. Moreover, keep the Christmas theme in mind. The teams are made with a Festive theme.

Teams in Minecraft ChampionShipย 

So, the moment you have been waiting for. Teams of MCC.ย There is a total of 5 teams in the Championship. Each being named as Red Reindeers, Ginger Breadmen, Yellow Yetis, Mint Mistletoes, and in the end is the Emerald Elves.ย Each team has 4 players.

Players in Red Reindeer:-

Theย Red Reindeersย contain the famous

This is the first team to be announced in the Minecraft Championship. The Minecraft Community really is blown away by this team. As this team is the audience’s Favourite. Let us all see if they stand up to their name in the Championship. Will the Red Reindeers be able to fly on time? We have to wait and watch on the 11th of December.

The next team is theย Ginger Breadmen.ย The team contains the:-

Although, the team is fairly competitive. Yet, their chances of winning are high. But only the end result will tell that “Who is the real winner”.

Next announcing theย Team Yellow Yetis.ย The team contains:-

Just like their name. The Yellow Yetis are the abdominal creatures that destroy everything in their way. However, these monsters will face great competition from rival teams. Moreover, let u see that this cold weather will help these Monsters?

However, Moving to the Next team, Which is the Mints Mistletoes.ย Moreover, the Members of this team are:-

These Mints have to be careful. they have to look out because the Minecraft Championship will have no mercy on any of these teams. Although, they have a lot of enthusiasm, which is great.

However, Moving to the Next Team. And that is theย Emerald Elves.ย Members of this team are:

These are the underdogs of the Minecraft Championship. Although, they are a very competitive team. However, the main focus will be on Dream to see what he hides in his Sleeves.

MCC Starting Time And Where to Watch

The Minecraft Championship 19 will take place on December 11th, 2021 at 8:00 PM GMT. For other timezones, this would be 4:00 PM EST,9:00 PM BST, 1:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM CST, and 1:30 AM IST.

Disclaimer:– All the predictions are Reflected by Writer’s own Opinions. We Don’t mean to disrespect any Player or their Fans.

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