BGMI Ping Problem fix – BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State – How To Fix It

In this we are going to tell you about after 1.7 Update BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State High Ping Problem. How to fix it? This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Then, After 1.7 Update BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State High Ping Problem Fix
1.7 Update PUBG / BGMI Ping Problem Fix

BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State High Ping Problem: In PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds mobile India and other games High Ping issue is irritating and frustrating. This causes lag and upsets players when they cannot load signals, move the target point smoothly, face error, etc. So, in this post, we are going to talk with you guys about the 1.7 Update BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State High Ping Problem. How to fix this high ping problem.

BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State High Ping Issue

PUBG / BGMI Ping Problem ping problem can affect career outcomes when we play with a high ping rate of more than 60-70 ms. Due to poor internet connection, this problem creates. It is happening in every Battlegrounds game (BGMI, PUBG, PUBG New State, etc) which is closely related to the connection issue. And it mostly gives more problems after updates.

Recently BGMI and Pubg update ping problem is seen because 1.7 updates has been released a few days ago. It is very annoying. Here are some of the effects that can cause high ping-

  • While looting, we can’t get supplies. Mostly it takes a long time.
  • It bothers during the fights moment.
  • We can’t set properly aim.
  • By this problem, the device cannot load the signal.

So, we are not able to get chicken dinner in BGMI, PUBG, PUBG New State and others. Because a lot of players want to know how to solve BGMI and PUBG Ping Problem. And particularly BGMI to improve their results.

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How To Fix The High Ping Problem

In BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State and others, High ping also prevents us from getting into the rankings due to poor outcomes. If you can’t handle a poor internet connection thus here are some of the tips for PUBG / BGMI Ping Problem fix that play better –

  • Firstly, turn On and Off Airplane Mode at once by turning off the mobile network before playing.
  • Move to another location while playing.
  • Customize DNS Server if you have android 9 and above with 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com, one.one.one.one and google.dns.
Then, BGMI / PUBG / PUBG New State High Ping Problem - How to fix it
DNS Server Customization
  • Turn off or Remove background running apps.

So, here are some tips to stop playing Ping Problem in BGMI, PUBG, PUBG New State and other battlegrounds. It can help you to play better and improve the match experience. Finally, if you have any query regarding this and other problems then you can comment us, we will solve.

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