Free Fire EMEA Invitational 2021 Finals: Teams, Prize Pool, and More!

Free Fire EMEA Invitational 2021 Finals: Teams, Prize Pool, and More

Free Fire’s one of the biggest championships, Free Fire EMEA Invitational Finals, are coming soon. Furthermore, the Grand Finals of this tournament is on 27 November 2021. Free Fire teams from all four regions are going to compete for the winning spot. The four regions are Europe, Arabia, North Africa, and CIS. Here you will read about the number of teams, matches, prize pool of the championship in detail.

Well, there are a total of 12 teams qualified for the EMEA Invitational Finals. Furthermore, there are going to be six matches between all 12 teams. All matches are going to use three Maps. As we know, the “Head Start Points” matches happened on 20 November 2021. 

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Free Fire EMEA Invitational 2021 Finals: All Teams and Teams to Watch!

  • Silence
  • Trident Clan
  • Nakazaki Esports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Vasto Mundo
  • Nashoba Esports
  • Beeline,
  • MCES Africa
  • Sivasspor Esports
  • Grow up Esports
  • Shift

Teams to Watch!

Well, there are two teams on this list who have the potential to win Free Fire EMEA Invitational 2021 Finals. Let’s take a look at those teams in detail below:

#1. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere wins the third season of FFPL CIS and has the potential to make a good name in future. Furthermore, This team begins their journey in August 2021 and earns a good reputation in a small amount of time.

#2. Silence

Silence is one of the most important teams of this Free Fire EMEA Invitational Finals. Furthermore, it is one of the most dominant teams of all time. They also have the best Free Fire rosters of the CIS region in their current team.

Prize Pool of the Championship

The total price pool of Free Frie EMEA Invitational Finals is $200K. Furthermore, they will get $50k and the runner up will get $30k. Then the other items on the list will get 3rd: $25K, 4rth: $20K, 5th: $15K, and 6th will get $15K.

Teams below these rankings have their prices and it’s around $10k each. However, the prize money is only given to the top 12 teams. Furthermore, everyone will get something from this tournament.

How to Watch Free Fire EMEA Invitational 2021 Finals?

Well, it’s quite easy because their Livestream will be available on their social media channels. Their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel will stream the championship. Furthermore, the time of the championship is 6.00 CET onwards.

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