Fortnite Chapter 3 Release Date Officially Revealed

fortnite chapter 3 release date
Fortnite chapter 3 release date

Fortnite Chapter 3 Release Date: We are back with a great Fortnite official update about the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. If players open their Fortnite game then they will notice a countdown until Chapter 3. According to the countdown, it shows 10 days few hours left. The Fortnite community was very excited about the next chapter.

Finally, we have received some official and latest updates about Fortnite Chapter 3. Earlier these were to be rumours but finally, Fortnite has confirmed that Chapter 2 Season 8 is coming to the end. This End of chapter 2 will mark the start of a new phase i.e Chapter 3.

When Does Fortnite Chapter 3 Come Out:

As per the information and updates Fortnite Chapter 2 will end on 4th December 2021. The official Fortnite Twitter account 100% confirmed this thing just a few hours ago. There is a lot to talk about the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 3 and the Fortnite Chapter 2 end.

The whole journey of the Fortnite community in Chapter 2 was amazing. We witnessed many new events, collaborations, skins, changes in the map and a lot more throughout this Chapter. Players are expecting that Chapter 3 will be able to match the same level.

To end this Chapter there will be the climactic event that will take place on 4th December 2021 at 4 PM ET. This will totally mark the end of Fortnite Chapter 2. According to the sources if you guys participate in the event then you will get a chance to obtain a Free wrap and Fortnite Loading Screen.

To enjoy the event Epic has mentioned that players can watch this event with their squads as this event supports 16 players long queued together. Everyone should join it as it is the last time you are playing in Chapter 2 because after that many things will change. Moreover, players who join and log in before the end of the session will receive 225,000 XP as a reward.

Chapter 3 Leaks:

According to the sources it is expected that the Spider-Man skin will be coming to Fortnite next Season or chapter. So there are very high chances that this skin will be coming to the game after Fortnite Chapter 2 ends. Many players are already excited about this Spider-Man skin. Also, it is not the first time that Fortnite will be adding such skins to the game.

Let’s see how everything goes and hope everything will be great. The whole Fortnite community has some expectations from this new Fortnite chapter 3. Players can also check out the Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale Event teaser trailer below:

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