How To Get Fishbone Charm And Poro Gunbuddy in Valorant

Here you will find how to claim free gun buddies from the RiotX event.

Fishbone Charm And Poro Gunbuddy in Valorant
Valorant Arcane Price and skins

Fishbone Charm And Poro Gunbuddy in Valorant: Riot is up with another event in Valorant. This time it is to celebrate the occasion of the launch event of Arcane, a League of Legends-based web series.

Riot is giving away several gun buddies, sprays, and players’ cards. Read this article till the end in order to claim for free.

What Is Fishbone Charm And Poro Buddy in Valorant?

Arcane is the first web series based on League of Legends. Most of the players and streamers dropped their reviews about the game claiming it to be perfect. Furthermore, Riot is not leaving any effort to promote the Web series.

The developers announced the RiotX Arcane bundle which has several sprays, weapon skins, and Gun buddies. However, it was a pass and players need to spend 2380 Valorant points in order to buy it. Riot also released a few items which were free and can be claimed by completing several missions.

Fishbone Charm is an iconic weapon in League of Legends used by the character Jinx. Moreover, Valorant players will be getting Jinx cards in the Arcane pass. Moreover, the Fishbone charm is free of cost and can be claimed for free.

How To Claim It? 

Claim free gun buddies in Valorant

players who want to claim the fishbone charm gunbuddy for their Valorant account, need to watch the premiere of the web series. Furthermore, they need to link their Twitch account with the Riot ID and watch the premiere on Twitch.

The repeat telecast of the show will be live on 7th November. So, players can claim it by watching the repeating telecast in case they missed it.

How To Get Poro Gunbuddy in Valorant?

Poro Gunbuddy is another reward given by Riot. Players need to perform several tasks in order to claim it.

Step-1: Play missions until you can get to Killjoy’s Lab on the Map.

Step-2: Complete Killjoy’s Mission & Jett’s Mission.

Step-3: Talk to Yoru for the last Mission and receive the gun buddy as a reward.

By completing these missions in the game, one can get the poor gun buddy for free in Valorant. There are several other rewards coming on 14th November.

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