Chamber Valorant Voice Lines, Contract Skins, And Agent Select Animation

Know everything about new agent Chamber.

Chamber Valorant Voice Lines
The French agent will arrive on November 16th

Chamber Valorant Voice Lines: Valorant is all set to welcome their new agent Chamber to the game. He is going to be a Sentinel agent coming all the way from France. Moreover, he has some unique abilities when compared to previous Sentinel agents of Valorant.

The agent was released on the Valorant PBE. Moreover, many clips and videos emerged, mostly from the players who tested the agent. So, here we are with all the details about this new agent named Chamber including his contract skins and agent select animation.

Chamber Valorant: All You Need To Know About Voice Lines And Contract Skins

Chamber Valorant Voice Lines
He is a Sentinel agent

Just like any other agent in Valorant, players will be able to listen to some lines by Chamber. All the agents have different voice lines based on their situation. For example, Sage says “I’m not just your healer after clutching a round”. Another agent Killjoy quotes “thanks botie” when she gets a kill with the help of her Turret.

Similarly, Chamber will have some voice lines in Valorant. So, in between the rounds, you can hear some of his quotes that too in the French accent. Here are a few of the quotes:

  • After you Reyna
  • Let’s see what Astra can do
  • If she dies, take some metal armed for Me, Would You? Merci (Thank You)
  • Be careful near the ship, the portal does not work as intended.
  • Do not let my double shoot you, you will die

  • Do not worry my radiant friends. I will unplug their talking toaster
  • Their Cypher knows too much
  • I should go before someone recognises me

  • KAYO you’re so industrial
  • bien joué KAYO (Well Played), You’re unstoppable my friend
  • Killjoy I can never wear that jacket but on you it’s superb

So, these were a few Voice lines from the new agent of Valorant Chamber.

Agent Select Animation

Chamber also has an agent select animation. The agent can be seen aiming with his sniper rifle which players will get on his ultimate.

Also, he holds his teleportation card after a few seconds.

Contract Skins

There are a total of 10 levels in the contract of the Chamber. Furthermore, the agent can be unlocked after completing Level 5. However, in order to claim the whole set, players need to unlock all the levels. Let’s have a look:

  • Tier-1: One in the Chamber Spray
  • Tier-2: Valorant Chamber Card
  • Tier-3: Charmer Title
  • Tier-4: Seeing Double Spray
  • Tier-5: Agent Chamber
  • Tier-6: Call Me Buddy
  • Tier-7: Chamber Spray
  • Tier-8: High-Class Title
  • Tier-9: Joint Venture Card
  • Tier-10: Finesse Classic

So, these were all the details about the new agent of Valorant named Chamber about his voice lines and contract skins.

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