BGMI New Glitch Mirror World: BGMI 1.7 Mirror World Glitch Solved!

BGMI New Glitch Mirror World: BGMI 1.7 Update Mirror World Glitch Solved!
BGMI New Glitch Mirror World: BGMI 1.7 Update Mirror World Glitch Solved!

BGMI New Glitch Mirror World i.e BGMI New Tricks: Battleground Mobile India also known as BGMI is having some problems with their new update. As we know, BGMI recently released their 1.7 Update to their survivors. Furthermore, it comes with many new in-game cosmetics and game modes. Mirror World is one of them which is a celebration of the PUBG Mobile x Arcane collaboration celebration. However, new updates also come with problems and glitches. Well, below you will read about the New Mirror World Glitch and other details…

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What is BGMI New Glitch Mirror World?

As we know Battleground Mobile India comes up with a new game mode known as Mirror World. Furthermore, it also comes with bugs and fixes which are cursing problems to their survivors. However, if you did not recognize that glitch yet then it’s good for you but you should learn to play more freely.

BGMI New Glitch Mirror World

Two major Glitches are happening in the Battleground Mobile India Mirror World. In other words, there are only two known glitches in BGMI yet. Furthermore, we also help you to use them effectively to max out your gameplay in the Mirror World.

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First Glitch

Mirror World Brown Island: In this glitch players get an advantage to get into the Island easily. To use that glitch you need to land Brown Island of the Mirror World. Then you need to find and pick the Shield (you can find it easily). Furthermore, just go to the Big Wall and open your shield. Now, you will be able to get into the island without much of a problem or expose yourself to other players.

Second Glitch

Mirror World Bus Glitch: This BGMI New Glitch Mirror World will help you to get into the wrecked bus and hide from the enemies. To use this glitch, you need the shield from the Mirror World. So, after getting the shield goes to the Wreck Bus and stand against it. Then you just need to open your shield and WOW! Now, you’re inside that bus and hiding against some overpower enemies.


These glitches are quite fun to use in the BGMI Mirror World. However, we do not know when they will solve it. So, use it until it’s finished or you get tired of playing with it. Furthermore, BGMI players are going to get more game modes in the following days. So, get ready for the real fun with Battleground Mobile India.

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