FORTNITE NINTENDO TWEETED: “Something big is coming to Fortnite!”

Fortnite Nintendo Twitter
Fortnite Nintendo Twitter

Fortnite Nintendo Collaboration: As you guys already know that recently on the occurrence of the announcement of the greatest awaited Naruto Skin, Fortnite collaborated with the Nintendo platform. Now again something special is expected to come in the game. Nintendo tweeted and mentions that “Something big is coming to Fortnite!”.

Also if we talk about the recent Fortnite Nintendo collaboration then many new Fortnite Naruto emoticons and Karuma Glider were available to the whole Fortnite community for free. In order to get them, players are just expected to complete a few Fortnite Nintendo Challenges. Once you complete the milestone you will be awarded the free Naruto rewards.

Fortnite Nintendo New Tweet:

Nintendo and Fortnite are planning to bring something huge and big to the game. After this Tweet, many players are excited to know what exactly they are planning and bringing to the game. Unfortunately, Data miners also don’t have any information about this surprise.

In most instances, Data miners reveal information in advance to the Fortnite players. But this time they also don’t know about this Fortnite Nintendo upcoming surprise. After seeing and analyzing the image uploaded by Nintendo AU NZ. Many players start making some assumptions about what Nintendo may be pointing towards.

Teaser Assumptions:

Firstly, there are many aspects about which Fortnite players are trying to connect this image. Some players believe that skin with the surfboard is gonna be part of the battle pass or maybe it’s gonna be a brand new style to that skin. Maybe the surfboard is gonna make a comeback in the next season.

Some players think that maybe it is the layout of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 map. The tweet is trying to show us the map layout with this teaser. The upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale map may be a massive one. Some believe that they may get to see a collab with a Nintendo character in Fortnite. Moreover, Players are super hyped for chapter 3.

As a result, at present, it is very difficult to assume what Fortnite Nintendo is trying to tell through the Tweet. There are mixed opinions of the Fortnite community about it. But if we conclude then most of the players are linking it with the Fortnite Chapter 3. They believe something big is coming in chapter 3 only. Lastly, after some time we will definitely get some information about this teaser.
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