5 Minecraft Hardcore Challenges to Play With Your Friends

5 Minecraft Hardcore ChallengesIn the past few years, Minecraft has got a lot of fame. With all this, Minecraft has become one of the most played Games last Decade. So, it is no surprise that you will see some Minecraft Fans in your friend Group. Maybe you are that one. And We are sure that you encourage your friends to play with you too. Then there are 5 Minecraft Hardcore Challenges that you can play with your friends.

These Challenges are categorized on the number of players you have, What type of Challenge you like, and the level of intensity of the challenges. With all that, keep this thing in mind that you should play these challenges in Hardcore mode. Because it will increase the overall fun of the challenge. With that let us start with our first Challenge:

1. Minecraft Hardcore Challenge- 100 Days Challenge

The 100 days challenge is a classic challenge if you want to start with something easy. This challenge only requires you to stay alive till the 100th day of Minecraft. Moreover, there are Challenges such as killing the Ender Dragon in those days and Making a Cool Survival Base. Make sure to check it out.

2. Minecraft Hardcore Challenge: Ancient Egypt Challenge

This is a Mod pack that allows you to go into the Ancient Egypt Era. In this, you have to survive in the Barren Desert. Kill the ferocious Pharoahs that rule this land. But the Twist in this Challenge. You cannot use normal tools like stone tools and Iron here. The tools that you use here are made up of Limestone.

3. Solar Eclipse Challenge

5 Minecraft Hardcore Challenges
Minecraft Solar Eclipse

Here is another Challenge that has the best Adreneline rush. This Minecraft Hardcore Challenge has the best creativity level. Just to give you a heads-up. There are only 7 days till you absolutely die. Until then, you have to create special type of glass that will wor as your base. So, make sure to play the Solar Eclipse Challenge.

4. Water Flooded World

Another challenge that you can play with your friends is theΒ Water Flooded World Challenge. This Minecraft Hardcore Challenge makes the whole world to get flooded with water. The land, villages, mountains, and Everything is under the water. Which makes it even harder to play.

5. Minecraft One Block Sky Block

Minecraft Hardcore Challenges
Falling into Void

This the Most Played Minecraft Challenge, yet. Imagine yourself to spawn on a 1Γ—1 Block in Air. Underneath it there is limitless Void. Then you need to break that Block. Yes, you heard it right. Break that Block. Then Build your Entire World with that one Block. And make sure not to push your friend from that Block.

So, these were the Minecraft Hardcore Challenges that you can play with your friends. We hope that you like these ideas. And make sure to check these out.

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