Pikachu Pokemon Build And Moveset : Pokemon Unite

In this post we are going to tell you about the Pikachu Pokemon Build And Moveset in Pokemon Unite. This article is stepwise which will help you to understand easily.

Then, Pikachu Pokemon Build
Pikachu Pokemon Build And Moveset

Pikachu Pokemon Build And Moveset: Pikachu Pokemon specializes in attacking opponents from afar with lightning and electricity. Attacks can occasionally disable a team. So in this post, we are going to talk with you about Pikachu Pokémon Build And Moveset in Pokémon Unite. Which is playing as the attacker in the Pokemon Unite game.

About Pikachu Pokémon Unite

In Pokemon Unite, Pikachu is S tier rating Pokemon. This is an offensive player which means Pikachu plays with a ranged Attacker role in the unite team. It has a special type of damage. But despite all these Pikachu phases a few difficulties against novice players. It is mostly available for every player as by default character.

If you don’t have Pikachu, you can buy its Unite license through Unite Battle Committee. If you don’t have an idea to get Pikachu. So, follow the below steps.

How to Get Pikachu And Other Pokémon In Pokémon Unite

  • First, when you open your game you will see on top of the right corner your profile. Then, Click on it.
  • Second, click on the Pokemon option.
  • Then, select Pikachu and tab on obtain button (Right side).
  • Final and last, again click on the left side bottom to obtain the red button.

You will get Pikachu and you can purchase all in-game Pokemon by following these steps. Like – Decidueye, Blissey, Garchomp, Greedent, Genger and others.

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Pikachu Pokémon Build And Moveset

As an offensive type, Pikachu has incredible attacking moves in moveset.

Basic Attack – This basic attack becomes boosted with every third attack. This Pikachu’s boosted attack moreover paralyse Pokemon for a time.

Static – This exists an ability of Pikachu Pokemon. It paralyzes all enemies near the Pokémon for a few seconds.

Thunder Shock – In Pikachu Pokemon Build, releases electricity and deals damage to opposing Pokemon. And it also paralyzes Pokemon. On Level 4, it will divide into two Moves:

Moveset 1 – Electric Ball

Moveset 2 – Thunder

I’m mostly using Electric Ball move in these Movesets. Because an electric ball hurls an electric orb and deals damage. This attack also boosts the harm the deeper the opposition Pokemon’s remaining HP. When it upgrades, it increases damage dealt.

Electric Web – It is my favourite attack. This attack capture and attacks on opposing Pokemon using an electric net. On Level 6, it will also divide into two Moves:

Moveset 1 – Volt Tackle

Moveset 2 – Thunderbolt

In my Pikachu Build and moveset, I choose Thunderbolt which attacks with a strong electric blast and deals damage. When it upgrades it increases damage dealt.

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