Fortnite Breaking Bad Collabration May Happen Soon

Fortnite Breaking bad
Fortnite x Breaking Bad

Fortnite X Breaking Bad Collaboration:Β Fortnite is well known for its brand new collaborations with different shows, movies, comics, etc. This time Fortnite may collaborate with the Breaking Bad television series in the Future. Every Fortnite season comes with amazing Fortnite collaborations.

Fortnite has collaborated with the Breaking Bad television series earlier and this will be the second time it will collaborate with it. In an earlier collaboration with the series, Fortnite released Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite Skin.

What is Breaking Bad Collaboration?

Breaking bad is an American series that was released on November 26, 2013. It released a total of five seasons. The last season was released on 14 August 2011. This American series contains two main symbols. One is the Pink teddy bear and another one is Walt Whitman.

Fortnite released the Pink teddy bearskin in its first collaboration with this Breaking bad American series by the name Cuddle Team Leader skin. Moreover, now players are asking Fortnite to bring this Walt Whitman skin to the game.

Fortnite X Breaking Bad First Collaboration-

fortnite x breaking bad

The game Fortnite in its first collaboration with Breaking bad released one legendry skin. The name of that skin in Fortnite is Cuddle Team Leader. This skin comes with Cuddle Bow Back Bling in the bundle. To give you an overview this skin was like a pink teddy having a broken heart shape on its outfit.

This collaboration happened in the year 2018. The last time this skin was seen in the Fortnite item shop was on 20th January 2021. Pink Teddy character played a very important role in the Breaking bad series. You can see this skin in many Fortnite Loading screens.

Fortnite Breaking Bad Collab Soon:

However, players are crazy about Fortnite X Breaking bad collaboration. They want Fortnite to collaborate with the Breaking bad series again to release the new Walt Whitman skin to the game.

There are online petitions going on online platforms demanding about Walt Whitman’s skin in Fortnite. Players want this skin to be added in the Fortnite upcoming season i.e Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 9.

Let’s see if Fortnite reacts to this demand of Fortnite players. Everyone in the Fortnite community is very excited about Fortnite reaction to the ongoing petitions regarding this Walt Whitman skin. Not only petitions but players are showing their support for this Walt Whitman skin on Twitter and on other social handles. Hope soon we will see the results.

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