Fortnite Black Friday Sale 2021: The Magma Masters Pack

fortnite black friday sale
Fortnite Black Friday Sale

Fortnite Black Friday Sale 2021: The upcoming Friday is Black Friday which is a huge sale date for Fortnite. But every year it seems like more and more stores put these deals out way before Black Friday. So this is no exception today.

There is a huge Black Friday Sale going on right now for sony. Maybe this is only available on Playstation i.e Sony or maybe it is for everyone. Though one thing is confirmed that the sale is going on. Players can get Fortnite items at a discounted price.

Fortnite Black Friday Sale 2021:

In the sale which is going on, there are two Fortnite related items. The list of every game which is in the sale on the PlayStation store is very huge. So if you are a sony PlayStation user then you should check the store on your own because there are just so many games on sale.

In Fortnite, if you come in the item shop and check below the Ghostbusters skin there is special offers and bundles tab. There you will see two items that are available in the PlayStation huge sale. The two items are below:

  • The Fortnite Magma Masters Pack
  • Lars Pack Fortnite 

The items which are mentioned above are present there in the Sale. Also, they are available still in the Fortnite shop. These packs are part of Black Friday Deals 2021.

Fortnite Magma Masters Pack:

fortnite black friday sale
Fortnite Black Friday Sale

This Magma master is actually one of the amazing packs in Fortnite. The original price of this Fortnite Magma Masters Pack is around $14.99 in the Fortnite item shop. On the other hand, the price of this same pack is $7.49 in the Black Friday Sale 2021. Like it is crazy as it is a huge discount. In this pack, players will get six different items for $7.49 which is a super amazing deal. So if you haven’t bought it yet then it’s a cool deal.

Fortnite Lars Pack:

fortnite black friday sale
Fortnite Black Friday Sale

The Lars Fortnite pack is currently available on sale. This pack was first time released in Fortnite Battle Royale in September 2021 i.e 2 months back. The in-game price of this Lars skin was $15.99 when it was released in the Fortnite item shop. Now this pack is available just for $11.99 in the Sale. In this pack, you will get only one skin. So you can buy it accordingly.

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